• Application Deadline: Monday, March 6th, 2023 at 11:59PM.  Under no circumstances will late applications be considered.

    Application Links will become active in February 2023.

    In order to access the application form, YOU MUST FIRST BE SIGNED IN TO YOUR MISD GOOGLE ACCOUNT.  If you have trouble signing in, contact Mr. Clay Laughary or Ms. Kristina Getty.
    • Read carefully the information below regarding the Application Process/Directions before you begin. Applications that do not strictly follow and comply with the stated guidelines will be denied; we can not make acceptions.
    Thank you for applying to the Mercer Island High School National Honor Society! We are dedicated to encouraging academically successful and creative students to participate in service in their school as well as the local and global communities.

    Please note that the MIHS National Honor Society is only open to incoming juniors and seniors (Classes of 2024 and 2025) with a GPA of 3.5 or higherIf you are a current 9th grader, we encourage you to apply next year.  Applicants who were not admitted as sophomores may re-apply as juniors. Previously dismissed members may not re-apply.

    Below you will find:

    ·      Membership Expectations and Conditions for Dismissal
    ·      Mercer Island’s National Honor Society Application Process, Directions and Selection Criteria (Rubric)



    Expectations for Honor Society

    · Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher while participating in Honor Society
    · Pay the fee for the club, $50 due April 26th, 2023 - the fee pays for Induction Ceremony and Honor Cords for graduation.
    · Attend all meetings or follow make-up procedures for missed meetings
    · Participate wholeheartedly in club service activities
    · Be in good standing with the Athletic and Activity Conduct Code
    · Pursue individual community service throughout the year

    Conditions for Dismissal

    An NHS member might be dismissed for failure to continue to meet any of the standards for membership.  For example, a student whose GPA dropped below 3.5 and who did not remediate that situation by the following quarter would likely be dismissed.  Similarly, a student who repeatedly failed to meet service expectations might also be dismissed.  In either of these cases, the student would receive written notice of Probation and would be given time to address the situation.  Serious violations, such as major academic dishonesty or commission of a crime, can lead to dismissal without notice.  The faculty council decides on all matters of dismissal; an appeals process is in place. Procedures are outlined in the NHS Constitution, Article VII, available on the NHS website.

    Note to the Applicant

    Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character are equally weighted components for selection in National Honor Society.  A high GPA doesn’t guarantee selection – it simply makes the student eligible for membership consideration.  The criterion listed will be used (see attached) to evaluate the applicant’s observable leadership, character, and service. 




    Application Process and Selection Deadlines

    An application to the MIHS National Honor Society occurs once each year and is open to sophomores and juniors only. If you miss the deadline this year and are a sophomore, you have one more opportunity to apply during your junior year.

    This year, a completed application is due by Monday, March 6th, 2023 at 11:59PM.  Letters of acceptance and letters of denial (including the process for appealing the decision) will be sent to your school email account in late March. Please check often. Applicants have one additional, and final, opportunity to meet the Membership Criteria through the Appeals Process. The Appeals Process must be completed by the end of the Appeals Week; final decisions are made by Mr. Wold (more info is included in the Denial Letter).

    An induction ceremony for all new members may be held in the spring at 6:00 pm in the Upper Commons, pending Hybrid and Covid-19 restrictions.  More information will be provided to inductees in their acceptance letter.

    Application Directions: 

    Complete instructions can be found on each provided template in the 2023 NHS Application Form. Read the directions on the templates carefully and thoroughly. Follow the directions exactly.  You may only submit provided templates that are completed; do not create your own form!  Membership denial can occur due to not following directions exactly, so read carefully.

    • Read the 2023 NHS Application Criteria carefully.
    • Open 2023 NHS Application Form (it is a Google Form)
    • SCROLL to see what information is required for the application. Each criterion: Service, Leadership and Character has a link to the instructions and template for the required format. Open the link provided for each template and follow the directions carefully and precisely before submitting your application.   A brief but incomplete summary of the directions is found below for your convenience; however, you must follow the details provided with each template. Applications that do not follow the required format and/or do not include the required information will be denied.
    • It is recommended that you type your information in the provided templates for each criterion (find links in the 2022 NHS Application Form).  
    • Your final submission documents must be in PDF format.
    • Once you have submitted the form online with the three (3) completed templates for the criteria for Service, Leadership and Character, you may revise any part of your application until the deadline, March 7th, 2022, at 11:59 pm. It is a good idea to submit a first draft of each application criterion template at least 2-3 days before the deadline so you have something on file. Unexpected circumstances can occur; unfortunately, there are no exceptions for incomplete applications. Late applications or missing criteria cannot be considered after the deadline. Missing components for each criterion will cause your application to be denied.
    • The completed application must be submitted by March 7th, 2022 at 11:59PM. The deadline date and time are strictly enforced.
    • Please plan carefully. Do NOT wait until the last minute to begin this process.
    • Late applications cannot be considered. Please plan carefully so you do not miss the deadline.

    Membership Selection Criteria

     Students will be selected based on the following criteria:

    • A student has at least a 3.5 GPA.
    • Application scores 6 points or higher with no zeros on the following 3 criteria:


    Based on the 3 submitted components

    0 points: no evidence of service
     1 point: limited service
    ·        has between 15 - 25 hours of community service within the past 12 months
    ·        volunteers for school activities
     2 points: moderate service
    ·        has between 26 - 35 hours of community service within the past 12 months and
    ·        is actively involved in school activities
     3 points: outstanding service
    ·        has over 35 hours of community service within the past 12 months and
    ·        is deeply involved in school activities


    Based on the 3 submitted components

    0 points: no evidence of positive leadership
    1 point: limited leadership
    ·        demonstrates leadership within but not outside the classroom
    ·        exemplifies positive qualities such as reliability and dependability
     2 points: moderate leadership
    ·        demonstrates leadership in the classroom in significant ways and
    ·        leads peers in school sports or activities or demonstrates leadership in activities outside of the school (work, civic organizations, religious organizations, etc.)
    3 points:
    outstanding leadership
    ·        commands respect of faculty and peers and inspires positive behavior in others
    ·        has assumed complex leadership roles, including delegating responsibility to others
    ·        demonstrates the ability to transform organizations or achieve significant new objectives


    Based on the 2 submitted components

    0 points: exhibits undesirable behavior
    (criminal conviction, school suspension, bullying, disrespect for teachers, plagiarism, etc. as prescribed by the national organization of NHS)
     1 point: indistinguishable qualities
    ·        observes laws, rules, and regulations
    ·        is honest and reliable
     2 points: noteworthy qualities
    ·        displays courtesy, concern and respect for others
    ·        persistent and industrious in all endeavors
     3 points: superior and praiseworthy qualities
    ·        actively works to overcome negative influences in and outside of school
    ·        consistently exhibits mature, ethical behavior and a strong sense of moral conviction