Degrees and Certifications:

BA PE, MEd Certifications: Physical Education, Health, Special Education and School Counseling

Ms. Stacy Smedberg

As a Pacific Northwest native, I have a great passion for the outdoors and nature. I also have a deep passion for education, both as a learner and teacher. Throughout my career I have taught Special Education, served as a school counselor and worked as a Physical Educator, earning various certifications and degrees along the way. Being a PE teacher brings me such joy; it is quite possibly the best job ever! 

While the majority of my service has been in Washington, I have also worked internationally. Living and working in Guangzhou, China was adventurous and thrilling. During that nearly three year period, I was able to travel throughout the southern hemesphere. I believe this has strengthened my ability to serve more effectively!

Being a parent is another experience that has strengthened me. I have a daughter and son who attend our neighborhood elementary school, off-island. My partner is is a fire fighter and as a family we enjoy swimming, skiing, camping and jumping on the trampoline. We also enjoy playing with our family dog.

While with my Northwood family, you can find me in the gym engaged in activity! Through PE we learn motor skills and problem-solving strategie. We also learn to recognize our body's messages (our changing heart rate, the way our hands or stomach signal in response to our experiences, etc.). School wide we practice mindfulness, which directly ties into being in tune with our body and our responses. When we take time to build this awareness we then create the platform to recognize and acknowledge other's experiences. Together, we will build empathy, problem-solve, and support one another as we develop motor skills.

With respect, 

Stacy Smedberg