• Northwood Owl’s Choir

    "Peanuts" comic illustration about choir This is the webpage of the Northwood Owl’s Choir! This is Northwood Elementary’s school choir for 4th and 5th grade students. The choir rehearsals are on Wednesday mornings, Northwood Music Room, 8:10 - 9:05 am. 

    Here are links for our November concert songs:

    Good ways to practice:

    • Background music: put these links on in the background while you do homework, play video games, read, do chores... 
    • The Hidden Word(s) Game: sing through one section of a song. Then, cover up some of the words, and try to sing through that section again. Can you remember the missing words?
    • Phone-A-Friend: find another choir friend to practice with! Challenge them to the Hidden Word Game and let them try to challenge you back.
    • Teach someone else: Do you have a little sibling or a friend who's not in choir? See if you can teach them some parts of the song! If you can teach it, that means you have learned it really well lyourself