School Locator and Transportation Information (eLink)

  • NOTE: There have been some significant route changes this year.  Some routes have been combined and some bus stops have been eliminated.  Service to HiCap students has also expanded. Please use eLink to find your child's bus routing information.  If you cannot find your child's bus stop and you feel you should have bus transportation, please contact the Transportation dept. by phone or email.

    About e-Link:

    e-Link is a web-based application that allows parents, students, and staff to obtain valuable information about a student’s school and bus assignment. By logging into e-Link you will be able to find the school of residence, school of attendance, assigned bus stop, route number and stop times for any student who has a bus assignment.  Parents can also enter a grade level and address and find the route and stop which serves that home, even if the student isn’t assigned to a bus.

    e-Link does not provide information for Metro bus routes to the high school.

    How to use e-Link:

    Click on e-link. Step 1, from the drop-down menu, select the grade level for your student.  Step 2, enter the house number, street number, and zip code.  Select Find school/transportation info.  The search will find students in that grade residing at that address and will give the pertinent school and bus route information.  If your student is not found, or if you feel the information is not correct, you may contact the Transportation Dept. at 206-236-3338.