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Assessment Areas

Each trimester we focus on a variety of locomotor movements and object control skills. While students develop and demonstrate many skills each trimester, the specific movements and skills reported serve as an example of a student’s motor planning and physical control. Student's skill grade is based from a combination of two unit grades, as noted below. 

Additionally, all students are assessed on sportsmanship. It is our expectation that students exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in a physically active setting. The EPEC curriculum provides students with opportunities to learn about following directions, self-control and using shared space safely. Other units that help determine the sportsmanship grade are: best effort, cooperation, compassion, and competition.


Skill Grade     First Trimester                                                    Second Trimester                                          Third Trimester                               

Kinder           N/A                                                                       Hand Dribbling and Body Parts    

Grade 1    Instep Kick and                                                           Hand Dribbling and Body Parts 

                safely moving through general space.                                                                                         

Grade 2    Instep Kick and Leaping                                               Hand Dribbling and Body Parts                                                                                                      

Grade 3    Instep Kick and Leaping                                               Hand Dribbling, Muscles, and Bones                                                                      

Grade 4    Instep Kick and Leaping                                               Hand Dribbling, Muscles, and Bones                                                                                 

Grade 5    Instep Kick and Leaping                            Hand Dribbling, Muscles, and Bones