PES and HiCap Appeals

  • The Mercer Island School District, in compliance with the Washington State rules for Highly Capable Services (WAC 392-170-076), has an appeal process.

    Should you wish to appeal the decision not to place your child into Highly Capable Services or Primary Enrichment Services, please submit an appeal form to Vanessa Adams.

    As a district, we cannot provide guidance to families concerning what to put in their appeal. The family must include a rationale for their appeal and include:

    1. A condition or circumstance believed to have caused a misinterpretation of testing results (ex: an incorrect birth date or grade level used on calculating an assessment score).

    2. An extraordinary circumstance occurred during the testing period that may negatively affect the validity of the results (ex: death in the family or extreme physical ailment).

    3. A misapplication or miscalculation of scores by the selection committee. 

    Families may include any pertinent data in their appeal. Appeals submitted for reasons other than the above will be denied without further consideration.

    Appeals Process: The decision of the multidisciplinary committee may be appealed in writing (using 2190 F2, "HCS Selection Decision Appeal Form") to the Director of Learning Services within ten (10) working days of receipt of the decision. The Director of Learning Services shall then review the appeal and any additional information. The Director of Learning Services will notify the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) of his/her decision in writing. The decision of the Director of Learning Services is final.

    The identification of students who participated in PES but did not qualify for HCS will automatically be appealed for review at the time of initial ineligibility. Parents may choose to provide additional information.

    For additional appeals information, please read the section about appeals in board policy number 2190 (procedures).