Mindfulness and Character Trait of the Month

  • "Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally."  - Jon Kabat Zinn  (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)


    Mindfulness learning and practice continues at Northwood.
    This month's mindful challenges are listed below. 

    Week of October 5: Mindful Listening

    This week, practice getting ready in your mindful body and do some mindful listening at home, or outside in a play area or peaceful area.

    October 12:  Heartfulness – Sending Kind Thoughts 

    This week, practice mindfulness by sending kind thoughts.  You can do this anytime. Many people notice that sending kind thoughts not only makes you think kindly of others, but it makes you feel good inside, too.

    October 19:  Body Awareness 

    This week, practice being mindful of your body. Being mindful of your body helps you take care of yourself.  Practice being mindful of how your body feels when you are sitting at your work area or on the floor reading. Bring your attention to where your body touches the floor. What sensations do you notice in your body?  What parts of your body feel relaxed?  What parts feel tense?

    October 26:  Mindful Breathing – Your Base

    This week, continue to practice mindful breathing, particularly by locating your base or your anchor.  Where do you feel your breath?  Practice focusing your attention on your breathing.  You might also try using anchor words, like “breathing in, breathing out” to focus your attention.


    Monthly Focus Character Trait:
    Our focus character trait for October is Cooperation.  Cooperation is working together for a common purpose.  When we cooperate, we let others know that we trust and believe in their ability to help get the job done.  Cooperation is an important trait to have at school, at home, and at play.  This month, think about ways you can be cooperative in your work with others.  You can cooperate by listening to others’ ideas as you work together on an assignment.  You can cooperate with your teachers or parents by thinking of ways to be helpful to complete school or home projects.