•  Work Plan and Timeline for Diversity Action Team 2015-2016





    ·         Develop application






    ·         Create Diversity Action Team

    ·         Determine team leaders

    ·         Set Goals for:

               1.  School culture that embraces diversity

               2.  Instructional strategies that promote equity and inclusion









    ·         Oct. 9 - District wide DAT training –Ben Ibale, WEA

    ·         Oct. 23 – MIHS DAT developed common operational definition of equity and diversity as it relates to our school community. DAT worked on and did self-identity activity, understanding privilege activity, student learning equity stance activity (schools should be where kids can….).  Also discussed ways to collect key  information from students and staff







    ·         Nov 9 – DAT Mtg. - Discussed the latest district interpretation of diversity, equity, and inclusion

    ·         DAT began planning for Dec 10th professional development training (PD) for staff.

    ·         Nov. 20 – Continued planning for Dec. 10th PD training for staff.



    ·         Dec. 7 – DAT Mtg. – Final prep for Dec. 10th PD training for staff

    ·         Dec 10 – PD training for staff (faculty meeting)

    -          Social Grouping activity

    -          Understanding privilege activity

    -          Staff survey regarding instructional practices w/ equity and inclusion (on line)


    ·         Jan. 15 – DAT met and analyzed results from staff survey in Dec.

    ·         Jan. 25 – DAT will begin to plan for the student training in Bridges on Feb. 24.  DAT will also discuss appropriate survey questions for students to be used in collecting information about equity, inclusion and diversity around school.



    ·         Feb. 8 - Continue planning  the Feb. 24th Bridges training for students on equity, inclusion, and diversity.

    ·         Feb. 26 – (date may change) Look at the results from the student survey school wide


    ·         March 7 – (date TBD) – Plan for Part 2 of PD training for Staff on March 16th.

    ·         March 16 – DD Wednesday PD training for staff outlined by DAT – Instructional practices and lessons addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    ·         March 23 - Pedro Noguera, National Presenter –Training all District Staff


    ·         April 4 – DAT meeting – Discuss next steps for school wide activities



    ·         May 6 - Evaluation/plan for next year



    * No meeting