Proposition 2: Transportation Levy

  • Renewal of this levy will collect $750,000 in one year to replace many aging school buses over a six-yearschool bus  period. Replacements will be propane-fueled.

    Small buses need to be replaced every eight years and large ones every 13 years. The district’s goal is to keep the bus fleet safe, modern and eco-friendly.

    What’s the cost?

    Both measures will maintain the same combined tax rate now paid by property owners on Mercer Island for school district purposes. The combined rate will not exceed today’s tax levels—as promised to voters in the 2014 bond election.

    For Prop. 2, property owners would pay an average of $0.07 per thousand dollars of assessed value for one year in property taxes. A resident with an assessed property value of $1 million would pay $70 per year, or about $6 per month.


    Proposed amount:

    Home value

    2016 estimated tax







    $1 million