E Connections  

    MIHS students learn about environmental stewardship

    Students in MIHS AP Environmental Science classes recently received a close-up view of the infrastructure that provides Mercer Island clean water from the mountains and then sends treated water into Puget Sound. 



    Digital books enhance classroom libraries and build literacy

    With the shift to Common Core Standards and our district's recent adoption of the MONDO literacy curriculum, teachers have been working to update their classroom libraries to accommodate the required amount of 70 percent nonfiction books.

    Lakeridge students become "Merchants With a Cause" to help others

    Several Lakeridge Elementary classes in grades 3 to 5 recently concluded a "Merchants With a Cause" unit, creating socially responsible products to display and sell at their pop-up marketplace. The products raised over $1,400 to benefit non-profit organizations. 

    MIHS Spanish-language students learn about traditional music, culture of Ecuador from guest musician

    Spanish-language students at Mercer Island High School have received a hands-on lesson this month in the diversity of cultures thanks to artist-in-residence Luis Gramal.  
    At the end of the school day at Lakeridge Elementary, most students leave the building. But every other Thursday in Barb Tivnan's emptied classroom, a group of 2nd-5th graders gather. They are members of K-Kids. Their aim is to improve the world. 

    Vision 2020 Spotlight: Winter 2016

    MIHS Students are using computer programming to cultivate and foster analytical and critical thinking. In this short spotlight video, the viewer will see how thinking, creativity, and problem-solving are all interconnected. The teaching of coding offers our students technology and digital literacy in ways that will help shape their thinking for future cross-discipline tasks. 


    Seesaw – a new communication tool in K-5 classrooms

    A new app called Seesaw allows parents to see and hear - almost in real time - what their children are learning and doing in school. The free app allows both students and teachers to document and share with families day-to-day learning in the classroom. When families join Seesaw, they get an immediate window into their child's learning. 


    2020 Vision Spotlight Video | <a width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" allowfullscreen"="" href="http://player.vimeo.com/video/145581444" target="_blank">Learning English with the Google Translate app 

    Sophie, a student at Island Park, speaks German. She is learning English with the help of the newest version of the Google Translate app on her iPad and her English language learner (ELL) teacher, Kristin Kim. 



    Hands on Science

    It's all hands on in the Material Science class at Mercer Island High School. Evidence of the work of material scientists seems to be invisible - nowhere yet it is everywhere. From Band-aids to Boeing airplanes, items we use and see and wear everyday are often a product of the work of material scientists and engineers. So, what is Material Science?