• 5th Grade Beginning Instrumental Program

    Dear West Mercer Fifth Grade Students and Parents, 
     Below is information that may be helpful as you begin your journey with the amazing Mercer Island Instrumental program. If  you have signed up for band or orchestra... wonderful! If not, it is not too  
     late! Just contact one of the teachers below for more information. 
         Sincerely, Ms. Kurtenbach
      Orchestra: Vicki White-Miltun
       For information, click here 
      Band: Carol KrellDavid BentleyParker Bixby
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    Here is a recent band update (9/19/17):


    Good evening everyone,
    We thought to touch base with all of you for a quick update about 5th grade band.  In this email we'll cover:
    • Lesson #1 and Lesson #2 for all instruments
    • How to navigate Mercer Island High School for those lessons
    • Morning 5th grade band lessons choice
    • Instruments
    • All Island Band Night . . . what is it?
    Lesson #1 and Lesson #2 for all instruments
    The first two 5th Grade Band lessons occur in the evening on sequential nights.  Both lessons are different and both are important to the musical progression of your child.
    You AND your child are invited as this is part lesson, part curriculum night for our 5th grade band program.  
    We have had to change the dates of these lessons as many of you have gotten back to us letting us know there were date conflicts with our previously stated dates that we needed to avoid.  Thank you for letting us know of those conflicts.  So, the dates for the Lessons are now:
    • Lesson #1 is Monday, September 18th
    6:30 p.m. Trombones (Room 503), Baritones (Room 503), Trumpets (Room 505)
    7:45 p.m. Flutes (Room 503), Clarinets (Room 505)
    • Lesson #2 is Tuesday, September 19th
     6:30 p.m. Trombones (Room 503), Baritones (Room 503), Trumpets (Room 505)
    7:45 p.m. Flutes (Room 503), Clarinets (Room 505)

    How to navigate Mercer Island High School for those lessons
    These lessons occur at Mercer Island High School down the back band hallway.  There is an attached map of the campus with some suggested parking lots and access points.  We have to .zip the documents because of our Charms platform restriction on multiple attachments.  Hopefully you can open them.
    We will have signage inside MIHS to help guide you to our lesson rooms.

    Morning 5th grade band lessons choice
    MondayTuesday, or Wednesday mornings are the 'sectional' lessons.  This is when your child will be instructed, along with all the other identical instruments by a dedicated music director on that instrument.  Your child will only need to attend their class on one of these days.  In some cases, there is a choice.  In other cases, that instrument is only offered on one of those mornings.
    Then on either Thursday or Friday, the 5th grade band meets (we split the band into two and one half meets Thursday, the other half Friday).  The directors will divide everyone into either of those two days based on instrumentation and/or personal choice and requests.  We work hard to accommodate family conflicts.
    All this information will be conveyed at Lesson #1 and Lesson #2

    Our Mercer Island Schools Band Boosters (MISBB) sent out an email at the end of June with a list of instrument vendors and links.  These are vendors who have been very supportive of our music program.  Hopefully that list was helpful in finding an instrument for your child.

    All Island Band Night . . . what is it?
    This is an extraordinary event.  It is scheduled for Friday, October 27th during the halftime of our MIHS Football game.  ALL our band students, our 5th graders, our Islander Middle Schoolers, and our MIHS Band play on the field for us.  Its an amazing event to see over 800 student musicians playing.  And, despite all the work of our IMS and MIHS students, our 5th graders are always the highlight of the show.
    This will be their first performance opportunity.  And it is fast and furious to help them learn that first tune in just those 5 weeks of 5th Grade Band.
    There will be some volunteer requests for supervision on Thursday night (10/26) and on the field on Friday night (10/27) but we will share that sign up with all of you at Lesson #1 and Lesson #2.
    Thank you all for joining us on this musical adventure.  
    We look forward to seeing all of you on the 18th,
    the MISD Band team
    Carol Krell
    David Bentley
    Parker Bixby
    Jen McLellan (MISD Band Admin Asst)