• It is the week of May Fourth -
         "May the Fourth Be With You" All! 

    Below are some more Star Wars themed activities for you to enjoy!

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    More Fun Music Links

    1. Tone Matrix – Simple sinewave synthesizer triggered by an ordinary 16 step sequencer. Fun! 
    2. Incredibox – A free interactive Flash website where you create a cappella music with an animated group of beatbox singers.  
    3. Ball Drop – a fun game in which balls bounce off lines creating a percussive and melodic sound whose pitch depends on how fast the ball is moving
    4. Sheep Beats – a flash animated sequencer in which you can create a fun pattern on drums, bass and keyboards

    5. Rhythms in the House – find objects to play rhythms on in the house with the idea that “music is everywhere”   
    6. Global Groovin' – create a world-music mix with drag and drop instruments, beats, and sounds  
    7. Jeopardy Music Review – Play by yourself or against a friend to review music elements, notation, instruments, rhythm and more  (created with Quia)  

    8. Rags to Riches – “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” with questions limited to the orchestral instruments (created with Quia)  

    9. Instrument Battleship – play battleship and answer multiple choice questions about instruments! (created with Quia)    

    10. Musical Mysteries – a lively interactive site allowing students to have fun while exploring basic musical concepts in sound, rhythm and mood. This site was also created by the BBC staff.  
    11. Carnegie Hall Listening Adventure –(  http://www.playrific.com/m/641/listening-adventures-at-carnegie-hall )  learn about music in fun, interactive exploration with Britten's "Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra", Dvorak's "New World Symphony #9" and others!  
    12. The New York Philharmonic Kidzone – Play Mozart's Minuet Game, create your own instruments, try the Music Match, watch interviews with musicians, and follow the orchestra around the world! This site is full of fun activities!  
    13. The San Francisco Symphony Kid's Site – this fun site teaches the instruments of the orchestra, the basics of reading music, and has an online radio to listen to some classical music's greatest hits.      

    14. Classics for Kids Games – fun games including "Be a Rockin' Rhythm Master", "Composer Time Machine" and "Note Music Game"