IslandWood Final Notes

  • IslandWood: Last Minute Notes


    Hello Families! IslandWood is Monday, December 10th! Please read this carefully.

     1) LUGGAGE DROP-OFF is Sunday, December 9th, from 12:00-1:30 in the Commons at Northwood Elementary. Enter and exit through the bus loop lot.    


    Drop-off is optional, but helps us streamline the Monday morning rush.  Please drop off your child’s luggage and bedding, if possible. (Visualize loading luggage for your family vacations, and then the task of loading luggage and sleeping bags for 80 people in 20 minutes to make the ferry.)


    2) Wet luggage and bedding is no fun. The luggage and bedding is carted in wheelbarrows a fair distance from the buses to the lodges, rain or shine. Label two garbage bags with duct tape (one bag goes around your child's suitcase and one with the sleeping bag/bedding and pillow inside) with the following information:



    Child’s First and Last Names: NOAH SMITH

    Lodge: MAMMAL'S DEN


    **Room info is coming home this Thursday.**

    ***Also, pack two extra labeled trash bags (first and last names) for the return.  The originals usually get torn when unpacking at IslandWood and are unusable.*** 

    See the packing list below.  Note what IslandWood can supply for kids and also what not to bring.


    3) NOTE: The room assignments have been thoroughly thought out by four teachers and the school counselor. There will be no changes made. Remember this is a school activity, not camp. Children will have downtime in the afternoon to visit friends in other rooms and lodges. Additionally, every child is in a room with at least one person s/he requested.


    4) MONDAY, December 10th- Meet in the Commons (not the classroom). The students will sit in front of the signs corresponding to their lodges.  Children need to check in with their homeroom teacher and get their name badges.  Have your child dropped off by 9:00 AM. There are a lot of bodies to check-in!  However, if that is not possible, riding the school bus is fine.  We leave promptly at 9:30 AM and cannot wait for late arrivals.  Buses will be loading at 9:20 AM.


    5) REMEMBER TO PACK A LUNCH FOR THE FIRST DAY.  It is a NUT-FREE week.  DO NOT pack ANY nut products in your child’s sack lunch.


    6) RETURN TIME on Thursday, December 13th, will be about 2:15 PM in the NW bus loop.  Most parents choose to pick their children up at that time for early dismissal.  You MUST check out with your child’s homeroom teacher before leaving campus.  Any other parent picking up your child must be on your family's school list. If you cannot pick-up your child, s/he will stay until 3:30 in his/her homeroom.  Please make sure your child knows the plan for our return.


    7) IslandWood’s phone number is 206.855.4300, in case of family emergency.


    Thank you for your support of the program.  Your child will return with a lifetime of memories!




    Marisa LeVeque, Angela Mitchell, and Tori Vermiglio 



    What to Bring, What Not to Bring (Student Version) 

    PLEASE MAKE SURE your child has adequate cold-weather clothing, including thick, warm socks, long underwear, and sweaters. OUR CLASSES GO ON, RAIN OR SHINE! 

    Lunch for the first day

    Name tag for every student and adult (teacher provided)


    Sneakers or hiking shoes
    Extra pair of sturdy walking shoes
    Warm jacket
    Sweater and/or sweatshirt
    Long underwear
    T-shirts or other light shirts
    Daily change of underwear
    Daily change of warm, thick socks
    3 pairs of long pants
    1 pair of shorts (in warm weather)
    Warm pajamas
    Slippers (our lodges have a no-shoe policy)
    Hat and gloves
    Plastic bag for dirty clothes
    Raingear- if available*
    Sleeping bag or bedroll

    Personal gear
    Toothbrush and toothpaste
    Bath towel, hand towel, soap, and shampoo
    Brush or comb

    Outdoor activity gear
    Pencil (three for each child)
    Water bottle

    Optional gear
    Bug repellent (not spray type), lip salve, sunscreen, sunglasses 

    Books and writing materials
    Photos or items to provide comfort at night. 

    *Please have students bring their own raingear if they have it. That way, we can reserve ours for students who need it. 

    *IslandWood will loan the following to students/adults who don’t have this gear: backpacks, water bottles, raingear, fleece tops, gloves, and hats. 


    Optional group equipment teachers/chaperones can bring: Board games, art supplies, playground equipment, e.g. balls, jump ropes, Frisbees. 

    What Not to Bring!

    New clothes or shoes that can’t get dirty
    Sandals or open-toed shoes
    Radios, CD or tape players, electronic games
    Knives, other sharp items, weapons
    Matches or fireworks
    Chewing gum, candy, food (other than lunch on the first day...)
    Jewelry or valuables
    Hair dryers, curling irons, or other electric appliances
    Cell phones, iPods, or other personal electronic devices
    Alcohol or drugs
    Medicines (for children) that have not been turned over to the teachers for safe keeping 

    AEROSOL SPRAYS (examples: deodorants, fragrances, sunscreens, bug sprays) 

    Note: Make sure your child can carry his/her own bags. 

    Please limit luggage to one suitcase, backpack, or duffel bag, plus one sleeping bag or bedroll. No trunks! A heavy-duty trashcan liner can be used instead of a suitcase. Avoid sending unnecessary items. 


    IslandWood is not responsible for articles left behind.