Superintendent's Diversity Advisory Committee

  • In the spring of 2014, the District's superintendent invited a number of parents and community members to serve in an advisory role to assist in matters of equity and diversity, with particular emphasis on minority student populations. The District is committed to fostering an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and developing the social identity and academic achievement of every child. The S-DAC supports such efforts and has provided input on developing a process for restorative justice in lieu of discipline. The District seeks to provide educational programs, which focus on critical thinking and personal narratives that are emotionally connecting, together with school environments that are inclusive, celebratory and respectful of our differences.

    Mercer Island Board Policy 1610- Equity and Diversity

    Mercer Island Board Policy 3210- Nondiscrimination

    Mercer Island Fundamental 7 

    Staff Demographics

    As a requirement of Board Policy 1610, Equity and Diversity, the District is committed to hiring a staff that resembles our student and community populations. The District has an Affirmative Action Plan as required by OSPI detailing the goals for achieving a diverse staff reflective of the community and student population. The District tracks the progress of the district plan by analyzing the diversity data each year and how the District has progressed over the previous five years. 

    Superintendent's Diversity Advisory Committee Meetings 

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