Technology Advisory Group  

  • Purpose:

    The purpose of the Technology Advisory Group is to afford opportunities for parents, staff, and administrators to provide input in the instructional and operational technology program of the Mercer Island School District. By definition, the Technology Advisory Group is an advisory body for the Technology Services Department


    • Learn and share information about current and upcoming Technology Services initiatives, including timelines, student impact, and funding implications.
    • Gather and provide input, perspective, and insight on current and potential instructional and operational technology programs and initiatives changes.
    • Build an understanding of and provide feedback to the long term Technology Plan


    The 2018-2019 Committee membership is as follows:

    Aaron Miller, Amy Sproul, Andrew Greenbaum, Betsy Seiler, Clay Laughary, Cliff Sharples, David Baxter, Diane Barrett Tien, Ed Capuano, Ellis Reyes, Eric Goldhammer, Jen McLellan, John Rivera-Dirks, Julie Hovind, Justin Talmadge, Kara Millsap, Katherine McKenzie, Kati McConn, Molly Harnish, Nick Wold, Nicole Nelson, Sarah LeClercq Co-Chairs: Jamie Prescott and Andreeves Ronser.

    The Committee will meet three to four times a year. Meeting summaries will be posted shortly after the meetings are held.