• Mercer Island High School Athletic/Activity Code


    Beginning with the 2014 winter sports season at Mercer Island High School, a revised Athletic/Activity Code will be in place.


    We want to have an Athletic/Activity Code that will effectively hold students accountable so they can focus on their academics and activities. After a committee of community members received feedback from parents, students and administrators regarding the code and reviewed the policies of several neighboring school districts, it was clear that our code should be updated, clarified and shared more directly with students and parents.


    The Athletic/Activity Code outlines the responsibilities of students and coaches and consequences for violations of the code, including activities like drug and alcohol use, disruptive conduct or bullying. It applies to participants in all sports, musical ensembles, leadership and club activities. These students are held to a higher standard because they represent the school at public events.


    Principal Vicki Puckett and Associate Principal and Athletic Director Nick Wold introduced the new provisions of the code to each fall sports team and will do the same for winter and spring teams. Additionally, the code will be shared with all students through BRIDGES classes at the high school.


    The Athletic/Activity Code will now run from the first day of fall practice through the last day of school in June, but will not cover the summer. The self-report system for violations of the code has been eliminated. There will also be four accountability stages in the event of violations instead of three. The chart below summarizes the changes.


    New Athletic/Activity Code Old Athletic Code
    No Self-Report Self-Report
    Accountability during school year Year-round Accountability
    Four Accountability Stages: Three Accountability Stages:
       1) Athletic/activity exclusion for 15 days    1) Athletic exclusion for 15 days
       2) Exclusion from activity/sport for the rest of the season    2) Exclusion from all athletics/activities for one year
       3) Exclusion from all athletics/activities for one year    3) Exclusion from all MIHS activities/sports
       4) Exclusion from all MIHS activities/sports  


    The committee also created a list of the key provisions of the code so the information is more accessible to students and parents. The full Athletic/Activity Code can be read online here and some frequently asked questions have been answered online. For more information or to seek answers to questions, please contact Nick Wold or Walter Kelly at (206) 236-3350.