Learning Services Advisory Committee

  • The Learning Services Advisory Committee was created under Board Policy 2006A.

    The purpose of the Learning Services Advisory Committee is to afford opportunities for parents, staff, and administrators to provide input in the instructional program of the Mercer Island School District. By definition, the Learning Services Advisory Committee is an advisory body for the Learning Services Department.

    The Committee has been tasked with the following charges:
    • Disseminate information about current and upcoming Learning Services initiatives, including timelines, students impacted, and funding implications.
    • Gather and provide input, perspective, and insight on current and potential instructional programs.

    The 2017-2018 Committee membership is as follows:

    • Jan Brousseau
    • Mary Jo Budzius
    • Ching Mang-Chang
    • Jessie Dye
    • Debbie Hanson
    • Jill Hawkins
    • David Hoffman
    • Dru Klein
    • Kathy McDonald
    • Heather McLyman
    • Jon Na
    • Jeff Pimentel
    • Vicki Puckett
    • Sandra Selby
    • Susan Sutherin
    • Mary Rose Vu
    • Mary Kay Woolston

    Co-Chairs: Jennifer Wright and Fred Rundle

    If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact either Fred Rundle, Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services, or Jennifer Wright, Executive Director of Learning Services.

    The Committee will meet four times a year. Meeting summaries will be posted shortly after the meetings are held.