• Mercer Island School District's curriculum is selected to support student learning as defined by the
    Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs). 

  • 2021-22 Physical Education

    In the pursuit of successfully preparing students for the future we have elected to adopt a new PE curriculum across the elementary schools. The Exemplary Physical Education Curriculum (EPEC) is designed to "systematically and sequentially increase fitness levels, develop motor skills, increase activity-related knowledge, and develop and improve the personal/social/attitudinal characteristics students need to be physically active for life and to reduce their risk for chronic disease."

     Students will have opportunities to learn, develop competencies and confidence, and to prepare for a physically active life. We also believe that aligning the programs across the elementary level will ease the transition as our community expands into four schools.

    We are excited to explore the EPEC program with you !

    Casey Alin, Susan Miller, Tani Lindquist and Stacy Smedberg

    Lakeridge: Tani.Lindquist@mercerislandschools.org

    Island Park: Susan.Miller@mercerislandschools.org 

    West Mercer: Casey.Alin@mercerislandschools.org 

    Northwood: Stacy.Smedberg@mercerislandschools.org