• Instructions for signing up for QUIZLET

    To find the QUIZLET website, type QUIZLET into Google and go there.

    Create an account NOT USING Google+ or Facebook (because the school’s firewall will block it) Your username must be your LAST NAME and then your FIRST NAME (or a few letters of your first name)

    In the search bar  for QUIZLET, type in DWIATR and you will get my sets.  In the middle of that page there are 4 classes.  Please join your class, either Wiatr French 1 or Wiatr French 2.  I will accept you as soon as I see your request.


    Instructions for the “DEVOIRS” given on QUIZLET


    Log onto QUIZLET, with the username that you use for my class, it will show up in the corner of your screen.   Click WRITE mode.   If you are doing WRITE mode, then please answer with FRENCH and make sure that you do the entire set, even the ones that you got wrong again.  You should get a screen that has percentages and says, “Round 1 Round2 etc.”  If you can hit the space bar and it prompts you to continue, you are not done.  Once you have reached the screen with the percentages and Round1, 2 etc…  You are done and as long as you were logged into QUIZLET, I will be able to see on my page that you have completed this set, you are done.



    Log onto QUIZLET, with the username that you use for my class, it will show up in the corner of your screen.   Click TEST mode.   Look at the right side of your screen.  Click OPTIONS Under “Question Types” click written, and unclick all others.  Under “Answer with” you need to click French. Under “Question Limit” you need to make those two numbers match.  So if the number on the right is 36, you need to change the number in the box on the left next to it to 36.  (This is an example, please don’t use 36 for each set!!  

    Now hit the blue button, “Create Test”.  This is your test.  Take it.  If you want to do well on a real test in class, don’t cheat through this by looking at your handouts.

    You must get a B or above (85%) on the test to be done with it.  If you get lower than a B, like say a B-, you need to retake the test.  You should take the test until you get an 85% or above on it.

    When you have successfully completed the test, (85%  or above) then you need to show me your work. 

    You can print the test and write your name on it and turn it in.  OR you can take a screen shot of the test but I will ONLY accept screen shots where I can see the following THREE things:

    1.       Your username (because you were logged in)

    2.       Your grade (a B or above) 85%

    3.       Your set (some of the vocabulary words that you were working on)


    Turn your screens HORIZONTALLY in order for me to see the above 3 things.