Islander Middle School Activity Buses

  • Transportation is available to take IMS students home after approved afternoon activities during the school year. The approved activity list and schedule is available at Islander Middle School. Departure time from school is 4:20. Arrival to the student’s home stop is dependent upon how many students are riding and where they live so the routes may vary from day-to-day. In most cases, all students will arrive home by 5:00. Two buses are used (Activity 1 and Activity 2). Students must know their address so they can be placed on the appropriate bus. Students who live in the IMS walk zone will not be transported home by activity buses. If you have any questions, please call the Transportation Department at 206-236-3338. 

    Islander Middle School Activity Bus Schedules

    Activity Bus 1 Common Stop Locations

    Activity 1 Bus map

    Activity Bus 2 Common Stop locations

    Activity 2 Bus map