Watch Me Fly

  • David Hoffman Dear Island Park Families,

    It’s hard to believe we have come to the end of another successful school year. I’m certain that this has been a year of tremendous growth and accomplishment for each of our students. The following poem is written for and dedicated to them as they look back in awe at their stellar achievements and gaze forward in confident anticipation of new challenges and opportunities.

    Watch Me Fly 

    I started as a caterpillar
    And slowly inched my way
    Into a world so big and bright
    I was a child at play
    I fed upon the learning tree
    And drank from wisdom’s dew
    I learned to write with silky thread
    And naturally I grew
    I learned to chart the stars at night
    To calculate their scheme
    I inched my way toward that fine day
    When I’d become my dream
    I studied Mother Nature’s plan
    Her gentle hand did guide me
    She taught me that despite my size
    I have greatness deep inside me
    She showed me that life’s buggy ride
    Is often hit and miss
    But that knowledge will protect me
    Like a diamond chrysalis
    And now I am a butterfly
    I’m bound for endless sky
    It’s time to spread my strong, young wings
    Stand back and watch me fly

    Thank you staff, students and families for a terrific school year. Your work, support, and incredible kindness are greatly appreciated. May your summer days be filled with relaxation, recreation, reflection and reading. I’ll see you in September.


    Mr. Hoffman