Welcome to Transportation Services

  • Dear Families,

    We are so excited to have a full return to school starting on Sept. 1, 2021. Student safety on our buses is always our top priority.  We believe we have a great plan for keeping the students and drivers safe this year.

    To protect our students and drivers from COVID-19, we are continuing the following protocols on our buses.

    1. Everyone regardless of vaccination status is required to wear a mask if anyone on a bus is under the age of 18.  What this means is that bus drivers who are vaccinated may be on the bus without wearing a mask if no minors are present on the bus. When even one student on the bus is under 18, all people on the bus must wear their mask.
    2. Every bus window must be opened to at least the first stop (approx. 1”) to create a good amount of ventilation on the bus.
    3. If your student is feeling ill, please do not send them to school.  

    Please review with your student the information on our Transportation website School Bus Safety and go over our normal safety procedures, as well as our MISD Policies Student Safety Walking, Biking & Riding Buses to School.  

    This year we are providing transportation service to all elementary students who live within their school boundaries and live 0.5 miles or more from the school they are enrolled in. Here is the Boundaries of MISD Elementary School map. To find out your elementary student bus information please visit ELINK.  We provide limited bus transportation to and from each elementary school to designated before and after-school programs.

    We are providing transportation service to all Islander Middle School students who live on Mercer Island and live 0.75 miles or more from Islander Middle School.  To find out your IMS student bus information please visit ELINK.

    The District will be providing its own yellow bus transportation service to all Mercer Island High School students who live on Mercer Island and live 1.0 mile or more from MIHS. We have discontinued our King County Metro service. MIHS students will be able to ride any one of our six District yellow buses to school or from school.  All buses will drop off and pick up on the bus pullout on 92nd Ave SE.  To find the bus stop location that works best for your student please check out this map.  ALL MIHS Bus Stops.  (Each bus on the map will list information on that particular stop by clicking on the bus).  To find your bus at the conclusion of school MIHS Bus Lineup.

    For more information please check out our transportation website or contact us at 206-236-3338 or 206-230-6335 or email us at jay.little@mercerislandschools.org or william.gerdes@mercerislandschools.org.

    Boundary Map

    To determine which elementary school your student will attend, please start by opening the boundary map.  

    You can enter the property address in the search bar.

    Then click on the search bar.
    The address you searched should be plotted on the map.
    If you zoom out you should be able to determine what boundary that address is in.
    The Map Legend lets you know the boundary colors.

    If you are not able to find answers here, feel free to call or email us as we work together to provide the safest and most effective transportation for your students.  
    4140 86th AVE SE • Mercer Island, WA 98040 • 206-236-3335 • FAX 206-236-3385
    Patrick Rock Director of Transportation   206-236-3337
    Jay Little
    Dispatcher/Route Coordinator 206-236-3338
    Jen Williamson Administrative Assistant and Key Cards 206-236-3335
    William Gerdes AM Dispatcher/Trips Coordinator 206-230-6335
    Tim Taylor Lot Mechanic 206-236-3336

    After Hours School Bus Emergency Information

    If your student has not arrived at home from a school bus ride as expected, please call the district transportation office Dispatcher at 206-236-3338.

    However, the transportation office typically closes by 4:30 PM (3:30 PM on Wednesdays) so if you need to get information after hours first try the above number for the Dispatcher.  If your call is unanswered, call 206-291-3943.  This number will have a message with any known issues such as late running activity buses and it is monitored throughout the evening as long as school buses are running.  When possible, we will attempt to update the district website announcements too.

    The 206-291-3943 number is to be used only for locating a student on a school bus when the district Transportation office is closed.