• Your team can use the resources here to get started on your
    See the USA travel project.
    Cartographer: Your job is to create a map of your team's route and stops across the US. 
            Please go to the App Catalog and download My Maps Editor.my maps editor
                               Much like Google Maps, this app allows you to drop and label pins on your stops.
                         You can include notes and even pictures about your journey.  
                               You can also add colored lines to show your progress on each step of your journey.
                               Get acquainted with the tools in this app, and start building your team map. 
                  If that app does not work for you then try this alternative:
                              Please click this link on your iPad: http://www.onlineatlas.us/highway-map.gif 
                              Tap rest on the image and save it to your Photos app.   
                              Go to the Notability app. Create a new note. Name it for your team.
                               Add the image from your Photos app.  
                              Use the pen and/or highlighter tool to trace your route. Consider different colors for different days.
                              Under the image, type your daily stops and activities. Consider adding images of places visited.
    Project Editor/Head of Finance:  Your job is to track expenses & write checks for your team.
                              Click here this See USA spreadsheet  link on your iPad to get the spreadsheet.
                                    Tap on it and select Open in Numbers.
                                  Then use it to track your team's expenses.  
    Associate Editor/Research Librarian: Your job is to locate resources to help plan your trip. 
              Consider bookmarking these websites in Safari on your iPad:
                 *  Wolfram Alpha  Type in questions like "How many miles is it from Seattle to Billings."
                 *  Nations Online Get quick access to state information and travel/tourism links
                 *  Discover USA Plan your itinerary with the Road Trip tool or browse Top US Travel Experiences 
                 *  Google Maps Can help you locate cities then search nearby for entertainment, hotels, & historical sites
              Download US Geography by Discovery Education from the app catalog as another great resource.
              The Maps app may also be helpful in calculating mileage and identifying cities and points of interest. 
    Graphic Designer  Your job is to create powerful visual representations for team projects.
                              Consider a combination of the following apps as you create collages, postcards, brochures and posters.
                                        *Camera to capture your own artwork and team photos
                                        *Pic collage to pull multiple images together with labels
                                        * Pages to create brochures and flyers
                                        * Doodlebuddy to draw digitally or enhance photos or internet images
                                        * Keynote for easy postcard layout