MIonline 2022-2023


    MI Online registration is closed for Fall 2022. Talk to your counselor about Spring 2023 registration

    The following groups will be prioritized for registration

    • Seniors needing specific credits for HS graduation
    • Course not available at the school
    • Course helps student make up failed credits needed to graduate

    Students in these groups may benefit from online coursework, if there is space available

    • Online course venue helps alleviate scheduling conflict
    • Online learning environment perceived as better-meeting student's learning style
    • Course offers student enrichment or subject matter of interest
    • Course allows student to better prepare for college-level coursework
    • Course allows student to prepare for the state assessments (MSP/HSPE)

    Selection of Providers

    MISD primarily uses FuelEd as our provider, but also has access to APEX Learning.  These providers were selected from a vetted list provided by OSPI’s Alternative Learning Department Online Learning Division (formerly known as the Digital Learning Department).  They have a signed contract for providing courses to the district, which is renewed annually. The contract varies by the type of provider. MISD does not vet the individual courses of the providers, except to determine if a course meets a graduation requirement (ie is there enough American History in a course for the course to count as the US History requirement).  All courses are available for credit on a MIHS transcript.

    Please know that some courses are NOT AVAILABLE to our school district. This is primarily the case for some "Premium" and "Career-Focused" elective courses, and based on the online provider's access to a properly credentialed Washington State teacher. If this is the case, please consult your School Counselor or the Online Course Registrar to help find an appropriate alternative.

    Fuel Education is the primary provider for MIonline. If you are unable to find your choice course, please contact your School Counselor to explore options through other online providers (APEX Learning). Please note that these additional providers will only be considered for courses not offered through Fuel Education.

    The Fuel Ed course list can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/fuelcourselist


    Students may register prior to a semester's start date and if the needs arise they may request a course within the following windows:

    Stand-alone course: Up to end of third week into semester. (9/21/22)

    Credit Recovery: Up to end of third week into semester. (9/21/22)

    Special considerations: Will be considered via Mercer Island High School's Building Guidance Team.

    The Process

    Student completes the online enrollment form from the web site, prints and signs the finalized agreement and then gives this to his/her academic counselor.  The Guidance Counselor reviews the application for enrollment. The student is notified of their status.

    Typical reasons for enrolling in WEB classes are credit recovery, courses not offered by MIHS, specific courses that can not be accessed by the student (scheduling conflicts, etc), student need (school avoidance, etc), student desire to move faster or slower though courses, and student preference for online learning.

    Students must be able to have periods 2, 3, 6, 7 free in case they need to be enrolled for daily attendance.

    Period Course Teacher Location
    2 MI Online Patrick Rigby Crest
    3 MI Online Emily King Crest
    6 MI Online Emily King Crest
    7 MI Online Zhousu He 308

    Contract Expectations

    The student must make weekly contact with his/her Crest Teacher Mentor. If adequate progress, as determined by the Teacher Mentor, is not being met, in-person meetings will be required and could result in additional interventions. These could include: additional Teacher Mentor contact by phone or email; regular in-person meetings; or scheduled on-campus work time. All coursework must be completed within the course start and end dates determined at the time of registration.

    Acceptable Progress

    Regular login and acceptable weekly progress toward course completion is required. Acceptable progress is the successful completion of approximately 5% of each course every week. If acceptable progress is not met, Washington state law mandates that the Mentor Teacher add further interventions and requirements, which could include scheduled work time during off periods, parent meetings, after school work time, or additional weekly check ins.

    Earning Credit

    Grading is the responsibility of the online teacher for the course. All grades and credit for completed courses will be recorded on the MIHS transcript. Withdrawing from a course within 10 school days of initial login will result in no record on the transcript. Withdrawing later than 10 school days after initial login and prior to the last 10 days of the course will result in a “W” on the transcript. Not completing the course will result in an “F” on the transcript. If the online provider has different rules regarding grade posting, those rules will take precedence.

    Course Eligibility and Tuition

    MI Online Course eligibility is determined through an administrative review process. Mercer Island School District covers tuition for courses as long as a student does not exceed seven combined (on-site and online) courses for a semester. In other words, a student must have at least one unscheduled period to enroll in an online course. Additionally, students may not over-enroll (have more than seven courses).  Special allowances are made for students in their senior year needing credits to graduate.

    Additional Costs

    Some courses (particularly AP, literature, and science courses) may require supplemental texts or materials. Additional non-tuition costs are the responsibility of the student.

    NCAA Eligibility

    Students and parents are responsible for ensuring that the online course meets NCAA requirements should NCAA eligibility be part of the student’s post-high-school planning. Fuel Education courses often do not meet NCAA eligibility. If you need to verify that a course is NCAA certified, please let your counselor know at the time of course request.