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Principal's Message

  • February 4, 2019

    Dear Northwood Families,
    I hope you and your family are safe and warm on this unexpected snowy day. Please note that March 11, a scheduled weather make-up day on the District Calendar, will now be a school day to make up for today’s cancellation.

    This newsletter contains the following content:
    *Do your children know your phone number?
    *Mindfulness and Focus Character Trait
    *Northwood Family Math Night
    *Northwood Scholastic Book Fair
    *Global Reading Challenge
    *Upcoming Events and Activities

    Do your children know your phone number?
    With the proliferation of smart phones, all of us have increasingly come to rely on our devices to “remember” phone numbers and other contact information for us.  However, it is still a good safety practice to ensure your children know “by heart” a phone number to use contact you in case of emergency.  Kids can remember and store a number as early as Kindergarten.  Please take some time this month to see if your children have your phone number memorized; if they don’t, now is a good time to help them learn it.

    In February, our Mindfulness instruction and practice continues at Northwood, and our Focus Character Trait for the month is Gratitude.  Please see our Mindfulness webpage for the weekly Mindfulness challenges for February and for more information about supporting your children in practicing gratitude this month.
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Northwood Mission Statement

  • About Northwood 

    At Northwood, our mission is to provide all students access and opportunity to learn and grow academically, socially, and emotionally through meaningful relationships and relevant and engaging learning opportunities, supporting all members of our community to be better than we think we can be, and preparing to embrace the challenges of a changing world.