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    The counseling office is now closed for the summer. Counselors will not begin checking email until August 16th. If you would like to email your counselor, please wait until that date, or use our central email "" which will be forwarded to your appropriate alpha counselor on 8/16/22. As this is a shared email and not monitored over the summer, please take care not to share any confidential or time-sensitive information. We will respond to your questions or needs in August. Have a wonderful summer!

    Please join me in welcoming or welcoming back the members of our counseling team:

    Susie Brown (Last Names A – D)

    With three decades of experience as a MI counselor, Susie is well known on The
    Island for her diligent and individualized care for students. Her experience with our
    school provides our entire team with the perspective of the successes and struggles
    of MI students through time and serves as a bridge between the traditions within
    our school and those onboarding.

    Anam Schlueter (Last Names (E-J)

    Coming to MI from Mt. Vernon, Anam possesses a wealth of life experiences and
    expertise in working with people experiencing trauma, as well as finding individual
    post-secondary connections for students. Speaking five languages, Anam is a lifelong
    learner, who brings that energy to her school. Her past co-workers describe her as
    “simply amazing”.

    James Tanksley (Last Names K – M)

    After serving in Federal Way through the epidemic and leading their counseling
    department through this time, James brings particular skills to the wide array of

    functions of school counselor. Above all, James brings deep care for the well-
    being of students and has the skills to support them in our environment of high


    Molly Smith (Last Names N – Si)

    Moving cross country from Newport, New Hampshire, Molly brings expertise
    with high school scheduling, college admissions testing, and a wide array of
    student learning styles over many grade levels. Her previous colleagues
    describe her as honest, direct, and always caring for the best interest of her
    students. Her experience with diverse high school learners also stands out.

    Katy Johnson (Last Names Sj – Z)

    Arriving from Waukesha Wisconsin, Katy brings experience in supporting
    the community at Waukesha South High School following the tragedy they
    experienced this past year. Well beyond that experience, Kay develops fun
    and supportive relationships with her students. Her families have
    appreciated the holistic care from SEL support to academic counseling. As a
    recent recipient of her Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University
    of Wisconsin, she also has insight into what it means to be a student
    through this time.

    For those concerned with the continuity of service with a new counselor, please know that
    Associate Principals Erica Hill (A-I), Nick Wold (J – R), and Lisa Deen (S – Z) will continue to
    support the same cohort of students and partner regularly with counselors serving students
    under their mutual care.

    To support the work of our counselors, the MI Counseling Team includes:
    Monica Moline (Registrar)

    As a parent to MIHS graduates and with extensive experience in office
    management, sales, and as an executive assistant, Monica brings a unique
    combination of prerequisite skills and an understanding of the needs of our
    students and the community.

    Lisa Jandusay (Office Assistant)

    Returning this year and after years of service in parochial schools, Lisa’s warm approach
    combined with her already significant knowledge of our students, provides a caring
    persona with care to our counseling center.

    Kyle Mosler (Office Assistant)

    While Kyle continues to serve in his part-time role of MI Drill and Dance Team
    Director, he now comes to us full time to support the needs of students, particularly
    through college admissions. Along with Lisa, their welcoming presence and
    connection with students create a great environment within the center.

    Debbie Hanson (Testing Coordinator)

    Debbie continues to serve in so many ways at MI. Her intelligence, flexibility, and
    organization have supported many classes of graduates with testing needs and well
    beyond. Debbie has served as a substitute counselor for two counselors over the
    past few years and always shows the ability to find student and family needs and to
    connect them with answers.

    (9am - 1:30pm in the front lobby)
    MONDAY - 
    TUESDAY - 
    FRIDAY - 

  • Additional Counseling Services are provided by licensed counselors employed by Mercer Island Youth and Family Services, who have offices at MIHS and provide additional counseling services to students at Mercer Island High School daily.
    Chris Harnish - Substance Abuse and Intervention 
    Caleb Visser - Student, Family, and Group Counseling 
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