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  • Dear IMS families,

    It is amazing that we have passed the halfway point in the 17/18 school year.  Your children are doing a great job of continuing to be ready to learn every day and meeting the high expectations that we set for them both in terms of academics and behavior.  As we progress throughout the second half of the year, we wanted to give you an update on several initiatives that are currently occurring at IMS.

    We wanted to make you aware of an informative presentation that is occurring next week.  Parent Edge and the King County Library Systems is co-sponsoring the showing of Angst on Tuesday, February 6. Angst is a 56-minute film that explores anxiety, its causes, effects and what we can do about it. Some of the students and stories featured in this film are former MISD students. The filmmakers' goal is to have a global conversation and raise awareness around anxiety. Angst features candid interviews with kids and young adults who suffer, or have suffered, from anxiety and what they've learned about it. The film includes discussions with mental health experts about the causes of anxiety and its sociological effects, as well as help, resources and tools.  We hope that you are able to attend this timely event being held at Mercer Island High School PAC beginning at 6:30pm.

    IMS continues to work hard to develop an inclusive environment for all students and this month’s focus is on Black History Month.  We started this celebration with author/actor Charles Waters coming to speak to IMS students about his experiences around diversity.  Mr. Waters shared poems from his book Can I Touch Your Hair: Poems of Race, Mistake and Friendship.  This assembly was followed by all IMS teachers integrating concepts of race, equality and diversity within their classroom lessons.  In addition, to this experience, we will be highlighting contributions and achievements of black Americans throughout the month of February.  Finally, the IMS Diversity and Equity team continues to work hard to develop outcomes- and plans of action- for students around the concepts of diversity and equity.

    This month’s Character focus is on kindness.  Kindness, according to the Character Strong program, is to give attention, appreciation, and encouragement to people; to display common courtesy to others. Kindness requires us to reach out to others, to extend ourselves, even to people we may not be particularly fond of. This includes extending ourselves for others by appreciating them, encouraging them, being courteous, listening well, and giving credit and praise for efforts made. People need to be appreciated and listened to. Common courtesy is doing the little things like saying please; thank you; I’m sorry, I was wrong. Little things like being the first one to say, “Good morning,” in the hallway.


    We will be inviting our students to participate in the following Kindness character dares throughout the month of February:

    Character Dare #1 – Week of February 5th: Offer to help each of your family members with one task this week.

    Character Dare #2 – Week of February 12th: Give genuine compliments to five people you notice throughout the week. Try to expand beyond your immediate friendship group.

    Character Dare #3 – Week of February 21st: Invite someone new to sit with you at lunch and include that person in your group conversation.

    Character Dare #4 - Week of February 26th: Go to a busy location this week and hold the door open for anyone that walks through that area.

    A reminder that the Mercer Island School District will be on Mid-Winter Break starting Thursday, February 15th.  We are back to school on Wednesday, February 21st. The Mid-Winter Break includes Presidents’ Day, a federally recognized celebration in the United States of George Washington’s birthday, as well as every President following Washington.  

    Have a great week!

    The IMS administrative team

About IMS

  • Islander Middle School is the only public middle school on Mercer Island and is host to sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. IMS is located on the south end of the island at 7447 84th Ave. SE.
    Co-principals Mary Jo Budzius and Aaron Miller, along with associate principal Tara Stone, lead approximately 75 staff members and 1,000 students. IMS utilizes district-adopted curriculum as the foundation for its core classes as well as offering a variety of engaging learning electives.

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