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  •  Vicki Pucket

    May 2018

    Dear MIHS Islander Families:                                                            


    May is already moving fast. The days are getting longer.

    Final Decisions About Classes for Next Year: Counselors have been working with students to make sure the courses they signed up for (2018-19) are the courses they really want to take or need. We build as best as we can a Master Schedule of courses based on student choices. It would be great if you could review with your student(s) the courses they wish to take next year. Students can stop by the Counseling Center or see the “Counselor of the Day” in the Commons to ask any questions.

    Senior Pranks Behavior: We are very close to graduation. Sometimes students who are just getting ready to graduate want to do a prank on the school. We need your help in talking to your senior student (if you have one) to make sure they understand good citizenship behavior is especially very important his time of year, so they don’t jeopardize walking in the commencement ceremony. It is a privilege to participate in commencement services not a right.

    Building Use: Because of safety, doors other than the Main Entrance doors will be locked after school begins each morning (around 8:30 AM). It is a wonderful gift and convenience, that the high school is able to be such a central hub for our community. Some issues have come to my attention about building use. It is imperative that no matter the use, any group or individual planning on using the high school follows the process of filling out paperwork and work directly with Alex Schwenke, the Facility Use Coordinator.

    This applies to both community members and staff. Everything from impromptu team dinners to tutoring in a classroom, all activities must be approved prior to the event taking place. 

    Requests for building use should be submitted using the link below. Our minimum request window is two weeks before use. If you are making a request less than two weeks before your event an email to Alex Schwenke is also required. All events are subject to prior-approval.

    New Associate Principal: Recently Jamie Prescott who is one of our Associate Principals accepted a position in our district office. We just completed the Associate Principal hiring process. Two parents served on the panel for the interviews. 4 students also participated besides staff members.  We selected Jenny Foster. Jenny comes to us after 27 years of being a classroom teacher teaching Spanish in Oregon and Washington. She also taught at the college level at Oregon State University for 5 years. Most recently Jenny has been an Instructional Coach for the Snoqualmie Valley School District where she also taught at Mount Si High School for 11 years before becoming an Instructional Coach. Jenny is also bilingual and has lived abroad.

    Threats to School Consequences:  Previously we met with about 50 parents to talk about the threats to our school. Parents in this group asked that I send you more specific details about what can happen if a student makes threats (assault) to the school. We have definitely taken a closer view of what we can do as a staff to help students understand the importance of creating a school that is safe for all to attend.  Whenever a student makes a threat to a school even if it is a joke, we do take serious disciplinary action and the student is reported to the police for making the threat which can be a felony violation in the law. Moving forward, I hope our students all recognize how disruptive this behavior can be on a school environment and help each other to promote a positive safe school environment. During a Bridges lesson last month students learned about what “Exceptional Misconduct “is and possible consequences for engaging in exceptional misconduct. Thank you for taking the time to share with your student the importance of keeping our school safe.

    Visitor Check In:  We are in the process of improving our efforts to keep the school safe. It is important that anyone who is not a staff member or students presently at MIHS to “check in” the Main Office and get a visitor’s badge. If you are only stopping for a brief moment at the Attendance office, ASB Office, or Athletic office it is okay to go directly to those offices without signing in.

    Thank you for your continued support of our students as they continue to focus on their education through the new year.  


    Vicki Puckett




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  • The Mercer Island School District has one comprehensive high school, one middle school, four elementary schools and the Crest Learning Center – an alternative high school program. Crest grades are housed on the MIHS transcript. Local private and parochial school students also matriculate to Mercer Island High School. 94% of high school age students on Mercer Island attend Mercer Island High School. There are approximately 4,445 students attending school in the district, of which approximately 1,448 are in grades 9-12 at Mercer Island High School.

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