Mercer Island School District Green Team

  • Mercer Island School District is one of 12 school districts that partners with King County Green Schools to:

    • KCGS300000 Initiate and expand waste reduction and recycling practices and other conservation actions.
    • Involve the whole school community in environmental stewardship.
    • Operate environmentally efficient and responsible facilities.

    Sustainability reaches to the heart of the 2020 Vision as exemplified by our Vision, Mission, and Fundamentals.

    Our students will thrive in the cognitive, global, and digital world while sustaining their passion and inspiration for learning. Mercer Island schools will deliver a 21st century education that prepares students to convert information into knowledge and create innovation solutions demanded by tomorrow’s world.

    Mercer Island School District 2020 Vision, Fundamental 6:

    “Cultivate Global Awareness and embrace diversity, with a focus on respect, acceptance, and understanding of real-world problems, issues, concerns, commonalities, differences and interdependence.”

    The King County Green Schools Program Vision is that “all schools and school district in King County will practice resource conservation and engage their students and staff in environmental stewardship.”

    Where are our schools in the King County Green Schools Program?

    • KCGS200000 Mercer Island High School | Level Three achieved Spring 2015
    • Islander Middle School | Level Three achieved Spring 2015
    • Lakeridge Elementary | Level Three achieved Spring 2013
    • Island Park Elementary | Level Three achieved Spring 2013
    • West Mercer Elementary | Level Three achieved Spring 2015

    Kelsi Franzen is the King County Green Schools Program representative assisting our schools. She is available to answer questions, provide recommendations, or visit each school as needed.

    Office: 206-583-0655; Cell: 206-462-0882; Email:


    Enviro-news from the Mercer Island School District

    Three more Mercer Island public schools are adding green to their colors this spring. Mercer Island High School, Islander Middle School, and West Mercer Elementary have earned King County Green Schools Level Three recognition. Now all Mercer Island public schools have achieved this recognition as Lakeridge Elementary and Island Park Elementary earned the status in 2013.
    Of all the questions students asked Prakash Sharma, who is one of several national directors of Splash, an organization that helps provide clean water in impoverished schools throughout the world, what struck him most was the question that wasn't asked. Why water?
    Wednesday, April 22 is Earth Day. But students at West Mercer Elementary have made sustainability a year-round learning experience. The student Green Team and Gardening Team at West Mercer joined forces to help restore the school's courtyard garden for use as an educational tool for their fellow students. The group, made up of mostly fourth graders, gave up many of their lunch recesses during the winter months to prepare the garden.

    When you visit the beautiful Crest greenhouse and nurseries on 86th Avenue Southeast, you'll find prize-winning heirloom tomatoes, a variety of herbs, flowers, squash, and vegetables. You'll see sustainable practices in action, from re-used plastic pots, instead of treating pots that would wind up in a landfill, to the absence of inorganic chemicals that would wind up in Lake Washington. More importantly, you'll find Mercer Island students in the Crest Urban Horticulture class developing skills for their careers in a personalized learning environment.

    "This was such a fun field trip," one Island Park fifth-grade student exclaimed. "I planted five trees!" Cheers erupted when parent volunteers asked if students enjoyed the experience of ripping out invasive ivy and digging into Island Crest Park dirt to plant new trees.