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    4160 86th AVE SE • Mercer Island WA 98040-4121 • FAX 206-230-6303
    Tyrell Bergstrom    Executive Director of Finance 206-236-3295
    Krystie Phan Accounts Payable Specialist 206-236-3309
    Kathleen Dolorin Coordinator, Accounting 206-230-6162
    Jacquie Garcia-Fauver Coordinator, Budgets 206-236-3308
    Tiffany Comeau Purchasing Specialist 206-236-3310


    Accidents/Injuries & Damages on District Property

    When submitting an Accident Report and/or a Damages Claim, please be aware that information submitted may be subject to public disclosure pursuant to applicable law(s).

    Student Accident/Injury Reporting

    For incidents involving students at District events or on District property, contact Karen Hubbert at 206-236-3310. 

    Non-Employee Adult & Non-Student Accident Report

    For Accidents/Incidents involving adult non-employees/non-students and district property, contact Karen Hubbert at 206-236-3310. 

    Employee Accidents/Injuries

    For incidents involving District employees, contact Erin Anderson, 206-236-3314.  

    Damages Claim

    If a party believes the District is responsible for any damages or loss, the impacted party must complete and submit a Washington Standard Tort Form available under Policy 6500P

    Completed Standard Tort Forms C should be submitted to the District's Business Services office is located at:

    4160 86th Ave. SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040 

    Claims may be submitted during regular business hours between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays and other posted closures. Any questions may be directed to Karen Hubbert at 206-236-3310.

    Please be aware that damages will not be paid by or on behalf of the District unless a claim complying with Washington State Law is presented to the District’s Business Services Office.