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    Developing knowledge, skills and attitudes to enjoy healthy lifestyles.


                                                                                               Welcome to PE


    Physical education provides the opportunity to learn positive behaviors, values, and attitude
    I'm excited to start my 2nd year here at Island Park Elementary!  What a great group of students I get to work with!!
    Our overall focus this year will be on Sportsmanship and Teamwork.
    1st trimester in PE we will focus on:

    K-2 spatial awareness, mirroring and shadowing

    3-5 foot dribbling and jump roping

    Students will be given a skill grade and a Sportsmanship grade for the trimester.
    Skill Grades (1-4)
    4   Exceeds Standard   
    3   Meets Standard
    2   Progressing toward Standard 
    1   Below Standard 
    Sportsmanship Grades (C,G,N & R)
    C   Consistently 
    G   Generally
    N   Needs Prompting 
    R   Rarely Observed  


     Please feel free to contact me at susan.miller@mercerislandschools.org or 206.230.6263.

    Susan Miller

    PE Specialist, Island Park Elementary