MISD Highly Capable/Talent Development Services

  • MISD Highly Capable Update (April 8, 2022)
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    Where Are Services Provided? 

    • Students who qualify for Primary Enrichment Services (PES) will receive services within their regular classroom from their teacher. (Please note that all teachers have access to PES materials and can provide them to students who have not qualified, but who demonstrate a need for enrichment, rigor, depth, complexity, etc.)
    • Students who qualify for Code 32 Highly Capable Services (HiCap 32) will receive services within their regular classroom from their teacher. They will be clustered in classes with students who have a similar ability/aptitude in their area(s) of qualification. 
    • Students who qualify for Code 33 Highly Capable Services (HiCap 33) will receive services in a unique classroom. 
      • Grade 3: Lakeridge
      • Grade 4: Lakeridge
      • Grade 5: Lakeridge & West Mercer (placement will depend on space availability at each school)


    2021-2022 School Year Testing
    Testing for the 2021-2022 school year has concluded. 

    2022-2023 School Year Testing Information
    Students who are NEWLY enrolled in MISD (as of December 17, 2021) who have not tested in the past 12 months are eligible for nomination to complete the identification assessments in August 2022. This is not an open testing opportunity for anyone interested in testing - it is limited to NEW students only. 

    To nominate a NEW student for August testing, please complete the nomination form linked below:
    August 2022 NEW Student HiCap Testing Nomination
    The nomination window is open from February 10, 2022-July 25, 2022.

    The August testing will occur on Aug. 2, 3, and 4 from 9am-11:30am each day. There are no alternate dates. Additional details will be emailed in mid-July to families who nominate their NEW students. 

    2022-2023 School Year Testing Calendar
    Please click here for the complete HiCap Testing Calendar for 2022-2023

    Contact Nuria Lencina with questions.

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