Purpose and Role of MIHS Parent Advisory Council

  • Purpose & Role of PAC

    The Mercer Island High School Parent Advisory Council (PAC) was established in June of 2008 as an advisory body to the MIHS administration. The PAC meets at least monthly to discuss issues of importance to the entire school community and is a representative body that provides the perspective of parents to the MIHS administration through regular communication with the principal.
    The PAC serves to provide parent feedback on school policies and procedures and has a significant role in the development and implementation of the MIHS School Improvement Plan (SIP). The PAC is comprised of two parent representatives for each grade level selected by the Executive Board of the MIHS Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) as well as the PTSA President.
    If there are issues parents want discussed by the PAC, they should either contact one the representatives below or Vicki Puckett, Principal at vicki.puckett@mercerislandschools.org.
    2018-19 Parent Advisory Committee
     Freshman Class of 2022 Lisa Bienstock    bienstockteach@aol.com
      Sarah Vaux    sjvaux@comcast.net
      Alice Finch    alicefinch@hotmai.com
      Jill Burr    jburr33@hotmail.com
      Kathy Gersch    kmmgersch@aol.com
      Jody Lee    adamsjodylee@mac.com
    Sophomore  Class of 2021 Irene Geisner   geisner@uw.edu
      Elizabeth Evans   elizabethmooreevans@yahoo.com
      Bonnie Beddall   bonnie@bonniebeddall.com
      Susan Szafir   susan_szafir@yahoo.com
      Catheryne Nguyen   catheryne.nguyen@gmail.com
      Andrea Dickstein   apdickstein@yahoo.com
    Junior  Class of 2020
    Mindy Smith
      Jill Hendrick   jillhendrick@gmail.com
      Kelly Sim   kjnsm@hotmail.com
    Senior Class of 2019
    Nancy Waiss
      Jackie Brown   alesiaandjackie@gmail.com
    Emma Thompson   emily.thompson98040@gmail.com
    School Board Rep. Brian Giannini-Upton   brian.giannini-upton@mercerislandschools.org