Accelerated Math

  • Goal Statement

    Every student in the MISD will graduate with a Certificate of Academic Achievement by meeting standards on the High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE) in reading and writing, and End of Year Course (EOC) Exams in math. The small number of students for whom this goal is not realistic will earn a Certificate of Individual Achievement consistent with their Individual Education Programs (IEPs). It is the responsibility of the school district to offer opportunities for all students to achieve mastery of Common Core State Standards. The District will structure opportunities for students not at grade-level to reach that goal. Further, it is the responsibility of the school district to offer opportunities for students who show mastery of the Common Core State Standards to move to an appropriate above grade-level math course. The focus of this policy is the placement and movement of students through the math curriculum during the elementary and middle school years. 

    Placement Tools

    Student placement will be performed by elementary and middle school principals and/or designees using a combination of the following criteria to develop a math profile.

    • District Math Assessments (ITBS and Elementary/Middle School Achievement Tests)
    • Smarter Balanced 
    • Report card information
    • Qualitative Data Related to Math Progress


    All fourth-grade students are tested for eligibility in 5th-grade Accelerated Math using the ITBS and Smarter Balanced Assessment. Students in other grade levels wishing to accelerate must be nominated for testing by a parent for Smarter Balanced scores to be considered. Those who meet the district requirements on ITBS or Smarter Balanced (see policy for more information) are forwarded to schools for internal testing and decisions. The nomination timeline for the 2016-2017 school year can be found in this chart.

     Qualification Requirements:
    4th Grade:
    • ITBS: 96th percentile or higher 
    • Smarter Balanced Assessment: Level 4
    5th-7th grade:
    • Smarter Balanced Assessment: Mid-level 4

    Mid- Level 4 Qualifying Scores

    Grade 5

    Grade 6

    Grade 7




    Nomination Forms
      • Prior to filling out a nomination, please view our math continuum (below) to be certain of your course selection. 
        •   Grades 5-7: Note that students already in accelerated math will continue without testing. Additionally, students who are in pre-Algebra need not nominate, as they will go into Algebra automatically. 

    Testing Levels:
    More Information: