• Children mean to the world to me!                  Children mean the world to me!

    Name: Marisa LeVeque
    Grade: 5th
    Room: 228
    Email: marisa.leveque@mercerislandschools.org
    Phone: 206.275.5861 

    *Absentee Alert Number: 206.275.5879  


    9:15 Attendance/Specialist (Music, P.E., Spanish)
    9:55 Writing (Class Meeting/Second Step on Mondays)
    10:35 Recess
    10:50 Math
    11:55 Fluency
    12:00 Whole Group Reading
    12:20 Spelling
    12:35 Lunch
    12:45 Recess
    1:15 Small Group Reading
    1:55 Social Studies
    2:20 Recess
    2:35 Science 
    3:45 Home 
    Specialist Schedule:
    M-F: 9:15-9:55 (for Spanish, Music, and P.E.)
    Th: 2:35-3:05 Library 
    Art: 2:35-3:30 *every other Tuesday
    Best form of contact: email; for sensitive information, please call me and leave a voicemail! 
    Fifth grade may just be the BEST year of your life!