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  • Dear West Mercer Families, 
    Wow, what a whirlwind month! Smoke, rain, Mariners in the playoffs (!!!), and now we are here at the end of October. Please take a moment to review these important updates and announcements. 

    Outside Lunch: The weather is transitioning to the cool/rainy season and our numbers for outdoor lunch are declining each week. Additionally, staffing is stretched to offer this option. Starting Monday, October 31st, there will no longer be an outdoor lunch option. We will have all our lunches in the cafeteria. We may consider offering an outdoor lunch option again in the latter part of spring when the weather cooperates again, staff/resource permitting. 

    Recent Holidays and Recognition Months: You have received recent communications from Superintendent Rundle and our West Mercer PTA regarding recent holidays and recognition months. I just wanted to echo our sentiments of support and recognition from the West Mercer school community. October is a month designated as LGBTQ+ History Month and Disability History and Awareness Month. Thank you to the PTA and DEI lead for sharing a wealth of resources earlier this month in the WOLF Newsletter. This month also marked recognition of Yom Kippur, Indigenous People’s Day, and Diwali. As a vibrant, multicultural community, we explore and learn about these holidays/events within the context of our classroom community in various ways, including read-aloud books and in connection to our grade level literacy and social studies standards. Also, thank you for sharing your cultures and traditions around these holidays and events with us! 

    Veteran’s Day: Speaking of holidays and recognition, Veteran’s Day is coming up in a couple of weeks. We will be honoring veterans in our community and abroad via an assembly on Thursday, November 10th at 9:30am. If you would like to be a part of the assembly, there are options to attend as an audience member, present as a guest speaker/storyteller, or be acknowledged for your service in the military (veterans only). Please contact me directly at megan.isakson@mercerislandschools.org if you wish to participate in the assembly on 11/10. 

    Halloween: Not so fast! Before we jump into November, we still have the celebrations and events of Halloween on Monday. At this point, you have likely heard from your classroom room parents regarding the events planned at school on Monday. All classes are participating in their own organized parties this year. Please be mindful of allergies and dietary restrictions if you are bringing food. Also, if you are participating in the classroom party on campus, please make sure all of your volunteer paperwork has been submitted to the office no later than noon tomorrow, Friday, October 28th. Any paperwork received after this time will not be processed before Monday. Thank you. 

    The Week Following Halloween: As you can imagine, the week following a Monday Halloween can be an interesting time in a school building. For those whose children participate in trick-or-treating or candy collection of any kind, please be mindful of what candy ends up coming to school during this week. One piece of candy during snack or lunch is a fine allocation. If students are eating or distributing candy at other times in the day, they will lose their loot. Be wise, young candy hoarders! Spread out your sweets across the weeks…even months! :) 

    Principal Coffee/Tea Chat: Our next chat will be held on Thursday, November 10th from 4:30-5:30pm in the library. Our last meeting was an informal, organic discussion driven by the interest and questions of the group. This next chat will have the same format. There will be coffee, tea, and refreshments available. Please come by and join in if you are able. 

    Lost & Found Items: Our L&F closet is already bursting at the seams. If you are still on the hunt for that missing jacket or other item, please swing by sometime and check out our lost and found. Each year, we end up having to donate the remaining missing items to a local charity. We will donate our first load of unclaimed lost and found items on Wednesday, November 23rd. Please come by to claim any missing items before this date. 

    Safety at the Car Loop: Thank you for keeping our car loop safe! Thank you for driving slowly, dropping your children off no earlier than 9:00am, and making sure to stay in the car loop drop-off line. We appreciate your support in making the morning run smoothly and efficiently!

    That is all for now... Thank you all for your partnership and GO WOLVES!

    Megan Isakson
    Principal, West Mercer Elementary 


About West Mercer Elementary

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    Mission Statement:
    West Mercer is a place of joy where all students, staff, and families commit to grow, empower and value each other. We believe that our capacity to learn is unlimited.

    Value, Belief  and Commitment Statements:

    • We believe in strong partnerships with families and our community. We commit to respecting their insights and opinions.
    • We believe that every student and family in our community belongs. We commit to foster and embrace all aspects of diversity and further commit to face and address areas of inequity.
    • We believe it is important that we (staff, students, and families) enjoy each other and our time together at school. We commit to building relationships.
    • We believe that West Mercer is a place of emotional and physical safety. We commit to developing social/emotional health in our students.
    • We believe that behavior expectations must be clearly communicated and that students’ should be celebrated for appropriate behavior, not just criticized when they fall below behavior expectations. We commit to providing a positive behavior intervention system (PAWS).
    • We believe that learning should be personalized to meet the needs of the students in our classrooms and school. We commit to providing differentiated instructional practice.
    • We believe that student learning is most likely to occur when we use consistent, research based instructional practices and curricula. We commit to provide the guaranteed and viable curriculum mandated by the District and approved through School Board vote.
    • We believe that critical thinking and analytical/processing skills are crucial for future global opportunities. We commit to culture and foster these important thinking and problem solving skills.
    • We believe that every child needs appropriate challenge. We commit to continually improving our instructional practice so that we can grow ALL students’ skill and understanding.
    • We believe that every person (including us adults) can learn. We commit to learn from each other and from experts in a variety of fields.
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