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Principal's Message

  • June 5, 2020

    Dear West Mercer Families,
    In all of my (quite a few) years on earth, I have never had a spring that has brought so much heaviness and uncertainty.  We are challenged not only by the global pandemic and the necessary disruptions to our lives but also the laying bare of racial inequities in our communities. We read that the pandemic is affecting people of color at a much higher rate and that there are problems of inequity within the healthcare system. Then on top of that, the deaths of Black Americans at the hands of police continues and inspires protests around the country, and in our own back yard. This all underscores the obligation of our school community to be actively anti-racist, working toward realizing our District Fundamental 7, “Foster and embrace diversity, inclusiveness and equity, with a focus on respect and acceptance of every student.”

    If you have not already done so, I encourage you to read the Superintendent's Message sent to all our Mercer Island School District Families earlier this week.  Contained in her message was a link to resources, linked again here, https://www.embracerace.org/, that may support your family as you talk with your children about social justice and anti-Racism.

    Our West Mercer teachers have reached out to families to share additional resources, and they have engaged students in discussions about the ongoing protests, race and racial bias, and what it means to be anti-racist.  As Superintendent Colosky notes in her message, this is too important to be met with silence: “Every child and adult in our community should be safe, seen, valued, and dignified.”

    This important work continues; even as we draw to a close one school year and plan for our next school year. We can only do this work in partnership with you and the entire community. I sincerely hope that you join with us as we work to tackle racial inequities and strive to provide a future where all people are truly seen as “created equal”



About West Mercer Elementary

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    Mission Statement:
    West Mercer is a place of joy where all students, staff, and families commit to grow, empower and value each other. We believe that our capacity to learn is unlimited.

    Value, Belief  and Commitment Statements:

    • We believe in strong partnerships with families and our community. We commit to respecting their insights and opinions.
    • We believe that every student and family in our community belongs. We commit to foster and embrace all aspects of diversity and further commit to face and address areas of inequity.
    • We believe it is important that we (staff, students, and families) enjoy each other and our time together at school. We commit to building relationships.
    • We believe that West Mercer is a place of emotional and physical safety. We commit to developing social/emotional health in our students.
    • We believe that behavior expectations must be clearly communicated and that students’ should be celebrated for appropriate behavior, not just criticized when they fall below behavior expectations. We commit to providing a positive behavior intervention system (PAWS).
    • We believe that learning should be personalized to meet the needs of the students in our classrooms and school. We commit to providing differentiated instructional practice.
    • We believe that student learning is most likely to occur when we use consistent, research based instructional practices and curricula. We commit to provide the guaranteed and viable curriculum mandated by the District and approved through School Board vote.
    • We believe that critical thinking and analytical/processing skills are crucial for future global opportunities. We commit to culture and foster these important thinking and problem solving skills.
    • We believe that every child needs appropriate challenge. We commit to continually improving our instructional practice so that we can grow ALL students’ skill and understanding.
    • We believe that every person (including us adults) can learn. We commit to learn from each other and from experts in a variety of fields.
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