Welcome to Learning Services


    Our Purpose and Responsibility

    The Learning Services Department provides leadership in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment across all six schools in the Mercer Island School District. In partnership with the schools, we serve students age three to twenty-one in a variety of academic programs. Learning Services supports teachers by developing curriculum and assessment resources as well as offering research-based professional development. Our goal is to ensure teachers and staff are equipped with the necessary tools to offer a comprehensive educational experience for each student that is aligned with the Mercer Island School District 2020 Vision. 
    Learning Services Staff
    Fred Rundle Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services 206-236-5636
    Jennifer Wright Executive Director of Learning Services 206-236-3445
    Dr. Lindsay Myatich Director of Special Services 206-236-3329
    Andreeves Ronser Director of Technology Services 206-236-3404
    Nova Williams   Assistant Director of Learning Services- Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment 206-236-4510

    Vanessa Adams    Learning Services Administrative Assistant 206-236-3330
    Mary Newcomer    Learning Services Administrative Assistant
    and Student Records Coordinator
    Pam Baumler Special Services Administrative Assistant 206-236-3329
    Kristine Gregory    Coordinator, Information Systems 206-230-6361