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    Mercer Island High School Learning Commons
    • Create an inclusive and welcoming environment

    Create a psychologically safe environment that supports students

    Why does this matter? Inclusive environments allow diverse students and staff to build connections and community.

    • Remove barriers to student and staff use of library and learning service resources

    Provide self-service opportunities for students and faculty offering a variety of choices

    Why does this matter? Removing barriers empowers students to take charge of their learning needs and free up library staff to help with creative endeavors or high-level student and staff support. Create value-added, transformational interactions rather than transactional.

    • Provide resources, technology, materials, and support to help students produce their best work and projects and that help them to explore and pursue personal interests

    Frequently assess and support students' needs in the library spaces gathering ideas and feedback from students.

    Why does this matter? Seeking to include student voices helps us better understand what they need, rather than what we think they need. Including them in the process helps ensure their voices are represented.

      Attention MIHS Students!
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