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Principal's Message

  • Dear Island Park Families:

    I am excited and energized to greet you and your child(ren) on Wednesday, Sept. 1.

    This year marks my 10th year as principal of Island Park as well as my 30th anniversary as an educator. I remain humbled to be a leader and learner at our wonderful school.

    It is an understatement to say that these past few school years have been less than typical in both form and function. We have learned remotely, in various hybrid models, asynchronously, synchronously, and in-person.

    We have utilized new technologies and platforms to inform, communicate, and problem-solve. We have experimented with equipment, apps, and programs to connect and instruct in ways that have been extremely effective and, occasionally, incredibly limiting. We have also learned, to no one’s surprise, that nothing can really replicate or replace realtime, face-to-face interactions—even when half of one’s face is masked.

    Our presence in each other’s company facilitates person-to-person understanding, community-building, empathy, and learning that is lightning-fast responsive and authentic. That is why I am excited and energized to be starting this school year together in our “eagle’s nest”—safe, healthy, in the warm company of friends, peers, mentors, teachers, and caring community members. And, from our eagle’s nest, we will strengthen and exercise our wings so that we can soar to incredible heights.

    Thank you for all your support. I know that these are still tense and trying times. But remember, they are also—and must remain—thrilling times for our children as they prepare to learn, make new friends, acquire and practice life-changing skills, and proudly exercise their independence. It is so important that we instill in our students the knowledge that they are resilient, capable, and empowered to positively change their immediate and larger worlds.

    I am genuinely concerned about the well-being of all students and staff. I will continue to work assiduously, as will our incredible staff, to tend to students’ academic growth as well as their emotional, social, and physical health.

    Please know that I welcome your thoughts and ideas and take them seriously as I, along with the entire district leadership team, work to create learning spaces that are safe and student-centered. Let us continue to strengthen our bonds as a learning community. Let us, in every way possible, communicate to our students our confidence in their ability to excel and flourish.

    Let us, through our love, do everything possible to maintain and grow a school community where children dance lightly on their feet, dream big dreams, and exude eternal optimism. Wishing everyone a school year filled with laughter, love, learning and, of course, good health.

    Respectfully, David Hoffman

About Island Park

  • Island Park is one of four elementary schools in the Mercer Island School District. It is located in the middle of the island, at 5437 Island Crest Way.

    Principal David Hoffman and Associate Principal Tara Eanzy lead a staff of 65 who serve approximately 425 students. We are host of the district's English Language Learners (ELL) program and Personalized Learning Program (PLP) for students with special learning needs. Other special programs include a Special Education Resource Room; Counseling, LAP (remedial reading); technology integrated classrooms; music, art, Spanish, library, and PE specialists; technology TOSAs; a tuition-based foreign language program; student council; before school choir, band and orchestra programs; and after school clubs including chess and art clubs.

    Island Park uses district adopted curriculum as the foundation for its instructional program. Individual teachers and/or grade level teams assess students' needs and adapt instruction as necessary for learning to occur. Teachers frequently integrate material from several disciplines to make learning more meaningful for students.

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