Facilities Planning and Development

The District is actively working to identify solutions for our overcrowded schools. It is committed to provide adequate housing for our current and projected enrollment without the significant use of portables or temporary classrooms.
Following the defeat of the school improvement bond measure in April, 2012, the School District Board of Directors has narrowed and redefined its objective for facilities planning and development. Based on a community poll, the District's current objective is to provide adequate housing for our current and projected student enrollment without significant use of portables or temporary classrooms. The rejected bond measure encompassed this objective, but also included objectives to create modern 21st century classrooms, provide funds for 25 years of redevelopment at a low and stable tax rate, and preserve the North Mercer campus for future redevelopment of the high school as proposed by the 21st Century Facilities Planning Committee (21st CFPC) after a year of intensive assessment, study and analysis. 
The School Board continues to research and study various options for meeting the District's objective, as well as engage the community through its community outreach efforts. Currently, the School Board is studying the feasibility of building a 4th elementary school on the mega-block at the site of the old North Mercer campus, the only property owned by the District that is large enough for an additional school.   

To view a history of the current facilities planning process, please click here. To view a list of completed projects, please click on the Projects link to the far left.