Vision 2020 Spotlight: Fall 2015   

Just imagine how challenging it must be to be new to a school where you do not speak the language. How do you understand the teacher? How do you learn? How do you make friends?

An app helps English language learner (ELL) students learn and communicate with others while building language skills in English. The app, Google Translate, is paired with Mercer Island School District –issued iPads. The app helps students to quickly translate words typed or spoken from one language to another.

Sophie, a student at Island Park, speaks German. She is learning English with the help of the Google Translate app on her iPad and her ELL teacher Kristin Kim.

Vision 2020 Spotlight: Spring 2015  

At Islander Middle School, students are learning the science of flight in their aerospace elective class. First they learn about the principles of density and buoyancy and then they apply those principles, building different types of aircraft throughout the course. Watch the 2020 Vision Spotlight video below and see our students' aerospace dreams take flight.

Vision 2020: Passion for videography leads to student-made video

Mercer Island High School senior Jason McRuer has many passions. On a recent MIHS band trip to Australia, he capitalized on his passion for videography to by interviewing fellow students about the experience, and incorporating performance video and photos into the wonderful video below.

Vision 2020 Spotlight: Winter 2014

At Mercer Island High School, students use technology to harness their passions and to personalize their learning. Juniors Kelsey and Jasmine came up with an idea for an iPad app called "BOLT" in their marketing class and continued to develop a plan for it through advanced economics and DECA. Now they are working with a developer at the high school to build a prototype for a competition in January 2015.

Vision 2020 Spotlight: Fall 2014

Do you remember hearing that everything you need to know in life you learned in kindergarten? West Mercer Elementary kindergarten teacher Veronica Golden agrees!

In the two-minute video linked below, take a look at how she personalizes language learning through sign language and music and helps her kindergarten students develop their social intelligence, citizenship and responsible decision-making skills.

Vision 2020 Spotlight: Spring 2014

Thanks to the use of new classroom technology, our students have the opportunity to access some of the greatest minds in their fields of study. Educators in several subjects have leveraged technology to allow students to work directly with experts, bringing their knowledge and experience right into the classroom, whether their specialty is science, literature or music.

Vision 2020 Spotlight: Winter 2014

Over 1000 students district wide participated in the national "Hour of Code" initiative that occurred during the week of December 9-15, 2013. The video shows how Islander Middle School students learned and practiced some basic principles of computer science in fun and engaging ways!

Vision 2020 Spotlight: Fall 2013

Students in Donna Johnston’s 8th grade math class transform learning by watching her recorded lectures at home in the evening and working through concepts during classroom time when they have better access to her to ask questions, allowing her to better individualize learning.

 Vision 2020 Spotlight: Spring 2012

Fifth grade students in Stephanie John-Lewis and Angela McCann's classes at Island Park Elementary discover the power of taking charge of one's learning by using digital media, connections and collaboration in their "Weekly Skills" program.

Vision 2020 Spotlight: Winter 2012

Students in Aaron Noble's AP Physics class at Mercer Island High School demonstrate teacher-facilitated learning while conducting an experiment on one dimensional momentum conservation.

Vision 2020 Spotlight: Fall 2012

Islander Middle School students in Danae Burger’s classroom, below, use technology to engage in interactive learning while discussing the novel, “The Outsiders.”






Vision 2020: "The Future is Now" - February 2011

Winning the Future is about transforming our nation's schools. Below, watch how Mercer Island's 2020 Vision is capturing national attention!