1:1 iPads - 4th and 5th Grades

We are pleased to announce that since September 2015, all 4th and 5th grade students are assigned an iPad to use in class. 
At the 4th and 5th grades, iPads are for in class use only as directed by teachers and may not be taken home. iPads are intended to be a tool for learning, as such they should always be used for an educational purpose as directed by or with the permission of the classroom teacher.  
Each class introduced the iPads with the Intermediate Student iPad Agreement and covered key points for successful use of iPads in the classroom environment in the first few weeks of school.  Fourth and fifth grade students are expected to follow the guidelines found in the Intermediate Student iPad Agreement.
As an instructional tool, app focus is on productivity and creation.  A few foundational apps include Safari, Word and/or Docs, PowerPoint and/or Slides, Notabilty, and Pic collage.  Cloud access available through Office 365 OneDrive and/or Google Drive make it possible for intermediate students to access documents beyond the school day from any internet connected device.
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With their district account, students have the ability to install Office on home their computer at home.  Follow this link for full instruction. www.mercerislandschoools.org/studentadvantage
Additionally, an extensive list of apps aligned to the curriculum needs and Common Core Standards is available at no cost to students through the app catalog. Here is a list of apps currently available in the 4th/5th grade app catalog. 4th/5th grade app catalog Note that teachers select the apps that best align to their current learning targets as well as the learning styles of their students.  No teacher will use every app. 
To make it easier for teachers and students to find right fit connections to apps in the app catalog, grade level lists with descriptions are available. Below are examples of such lists. It is important to note that the app catalog and subsequent lists are dynamic in response to teacher requests throughout the year, so the lists below may not include all apps currently available. 
Teachers partner with their Technology TOSA to integrate iPad as a natural part of their classroom experience and enhancement to the learning process.
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