Bus Schedules


All MISD bus routes have a new numbering scheme this year.  All elementary routes have changed significantly. Most routes operate only within their home boundary. One route from each elementary school services specific locations outside the school boundary. For a listing of these see link: Transportation to Before and After School Programs.  Middle School routes generally follow the same paths as in previous years. The printed Bus Schedules are a “snapshot” of the bus stops and times and should be accurate within 5 minutes throughout the year.  To get the exact time for a bus stop use eLink. High School routes are serviced by METRO on all days except Wednesday AM late start.  For information about High School routes, please refer to MIHS Transportation Information page.

All ELEMENTARY routes are new. 
All will provide:
• Service only to students whose primary residence is within the  boundary and who are outside the walk zone or in hazard zones. 
• AM Service to Hi-Cap students  to school of residence (followed by shuttle to school of attendance).
• PM service from school of attendance to designated bus stop of primary residence for  Hi-Cap students attending their designated Hi-Cap school.

• Service to designated before/after school childcare centers; only for student enrolled there.
Boys and Girls Club (PEAK) AM/PM
Jewish Community Center (JCC) AM/PM
Early World Montessori AM/PM
Martial Arts PM ONLY
Youth Theater Northwest (YTNW) PM ONLY
Mercer Island Community and Event Center (MICEC) PM ONLY
Library PM ONLY


The updated 2016-17 bus schedules, MIHS transportation information is here.


Mercer Island School District driver Tom Dahlstrom drops off students from Islander Middle School.