High School Course Catalog: Grades 9-12

MIHS Course Catalog (2014-2015) (entire book)
MIHS Course Catalog (2015-2016) (entire book)
Specific sections:
Specific sections:
General Information (pdf) General Information (pdf)
College and Career Readiness (pdf) College and Career Readiness (pdf)
Crest Learning Center (pdf)Crest Learning Center (pdf)
English (pdf) English (pdf)
Fine Arts (Performing (pdf) | Visual (pdf) Fine Arts (Performing (pdf) | Visual (pdf)
Mathematics (pdf) Mathematics (pdf)
Physical Education (pdf) Physical Education (pdf)
Science (pdf) Science (pdf)
Social Studies (pdf) Social Studies (pdf)
Special Education (pdf) Special Education (pdf)
World Languages (pdf) World Languages (pdf)
Non-Departmental Courses (pdf) Non-Departmental Courses (pdf)
Appendix (pdf)Appendix (pdf)
Course Equivalency List
Course Equivalency List

CTE Programs of Study

 Current year's MIHS Course Catalog (2013-2014) (entire book)  
Specific sections: 
General Information (pdf) 
Career and Technology Education (pdf) 
Crest Learning Center (pdf) 
English (pdf) 
Fine Arts (Performing (pdf) | Visual (pdf) 
Mathematics (pdf)
Physical Education (pdf) 
Science (pdf) 
Social Studies (pdf) 
Special Education (pdf) 
World Languages (pdf)
Non-Departmental Courses (pdf) 
Appendix (pdf) 
 Approved Equivalency List for 2012-2013