The Mercer Island School District's Board of Directors systemically measures the District's attainment of Board Policy 2020. On a monitoring cycle established by the Board, the superintendent must show reasonable progress toward organizational accomplishment of the Board's 2020 Policy annually.

Board Monitoring of Policy 2020's Fundamentals:

Fundamental 1
Create a more personalized learning environment where student-centered education is responsive to students' strengths and learning styles, interests and passions. 
Fundamental 2
Maintain the highest standards in the areas of fine arts; health/fitness; literacy - reading, writing and communications; mathematics; science; social studies, and world languages.
Fundamental 3
Develop self-awareness, emotional/social intelligence, responsible decision-making and citizenship.
Fundamental 4
Encourage and enable students to be academic entrepreneurs and risk-takers who can choose to pursue academic passions and interests beyond traditional curriculum and beyond the traditional classroom  environment.
Fundamental 5
Cultivate and foster thinking and process skills such as analytical and critical thinking, cross-discipline thinking, creativity, innovation, collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and information and technology literacy in curriculum design.
Fundamental 6
Cultivate Global Awareness and embrace diversity, with a focus on respect, acceptance, and understanding real-world problems, issues, concerns, commonalities, differences and interdependence.