Course Offerings

Block Class at Crest


The English/History block at Crest is an opportunity for students to learn about topics in the Humanities through theme-based units. We spend a good part of each theme working on teacher directed activities and then provide students with the opportunity to delve further into the theme by creating their own projects. We encourage students to learn to their passions, to work together, and to explore the topic in a variety of traditional and alternative ways. We believe strongly in the power of art as a learning tool and have woven into block a series of artists in residence throughout the year.

Other Classes Offered at Crest


Film Studies

Film Studies is offered 7th period and gives students an opportunity to evaluate and respond to a variety of contemporary and historical films.


Art class is offered independently and offers students a variety of opportunities through direct and indirect instruction to explore the elements and principles of visual art and music.


Physical Education is offered independently.


Offered 6th period, this class explores what it means to be a horticulturalist. We study plants, their structures, their friends and foes, different soils, and insects. By planting thousands of plants and maintaining the 3 greenhouses at Crest this course culminates in an end of the year, non-profit, community-wide plant sale whose proceeds go back into the Crest horticulture program.