Administrative & Board Policies

The Board of Directors operates under a modified Board Policy Governance Model.

These renumbered and recodified policies and procedures were approved by the Board of Directors at the June 24, 2010 board meeting. 

  • 1000 - Board of Directors- Establishment of the Board of Directors, their authority, terms of office, and structures to guide district business
  • 2000 - Instruction- Structure for curriculum development and implementation, co-curricular activities, and reporting student progress
  • 3000 - Students- Admissions requirements, student enrollment, withdrawal, and Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • 4000 - Community Relations- Public records request, guideline on community use of facilities, and relationships with outside agencies
  • 5000 - Personnel- General policies and procedures encompassing the standards and practices of employment
  • 6000 - Management Support- Guidelines and procedures to maintaining legal, fiscal, and historical documentation on district management of funds/services