1:1 iPad program at MIHS


iPad Backup Options 

Click here to access a document explaining how to save important documents, photos, videos, etc. 




App Catalog--These are the apps that are made available to students at no cost and without requiring an AppleID. Students will be able to choose which apps to install.

Board Policies

iPad Acceptable Use/Sign-Off Form (download and sign prior to Fees and Photos)


Parent Resources

For more information about:
• Classroom use
• Student help
• App suggestions for review
Technology TOSA:
Technical questions for your (student's) MISD iPad
Printing, WiFi, App Catalog
If your iPad stops working, stop using it and bring it to the tech office 301A
Tech specialists:
• Administration concerns
• Insurance cost assistance
• Individual concerns
Associate principals by
student's last name:
Building/district questions and concerns  
MIHS administrator in
charge of Technology:


Last Modified on August 11, 2014