Superintendent's Diversity Advisory Committee

In the spring of 2014, the Superintendent invited a number of parents and community members to serve in an advisory role to assist him in matters of equity and diversity, with particular emphasis on minority student populations. Since 2014, the S-DAC has grown in numbers, as evidenced by the names and pictures of those who are currently serving. 

The Mercer Island School District is committed to fostering an environment of diversity and to developing the social identity and academic achievement of every child. While we view diversity broadly, its charter sometimes focuses on addressing issues around racial diversity, since it remains a key issue in American society. To that end, the District is committed to: the success of every student in each of our schools; equity of educational opportunity; individual empowerment; and fair treatment. The S-DAC supports such efforts and has provided input on developing a process for restorative justice in lieu of discipline. The District seeks to provide educational programs, which focus on critical thinking and personal narratives that are emotionally connecting, together with school environments that are inclusive, celebratory and respectful of our differences.
Click here for S-DAC Charter, School Commitments, Purpose and Role Statement, and Restorative Justice Policy Proposal.

Staff Demographics

As a requirement of Board Policy 1610, Equity and Diversity, the Mercer Island School District is committed to hiring a staff that resembles our student and community populations. The District has an Affirmative Action Plan as required by OSPI detailing the goals for achieving a diverse staff reflective of the community and student population. The District tracks the progress of the district plan by analyzing the diversity data each year and how the District has progressed over the previous five years. 
Diversity in the Mercer Island School District 
Learn more about the District's hiring goals for 2017-18 here.


Superintendent's Diversity Advisory Committee Meetings 

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Superintendent's Diversity Advisory Committee Members 

 Chouchanik Airpetian Chochanik Airapetian
 Tumaini Coker Tumaini Coker
 Jolene Cook
Jolene Cook
David D'Souza
Alex Hart
Alex Hart
Ed Holmes
Mercer Island Police Chief
Aisha Jumaan
Simmi Kher
Eunyoung Kim
Robin Li  Robin Li
 Chris Mochel Chris Mochel 
Julie Ogata
Steve Pellerine
Wayne Perryman
Dr. Gary Plano
MISD Superintendent
 Irene Rajaqopal Irene Rajaqopal
 Ruth Saunders Ruth Saunders
Ana Simoes
Tahmina Watson
 Robin Wilt Robin Wilt
 Benson Wong Benson Wong 
 Natalie Woods Natalie Woods

What to do in a complaint?

When a concern has not been resolved through conversation, the individual with concern may initiate a formal complaint in writing to the person responsible for the department, program, procedure, and/or supervision of personnel.

Policies, Procedures and Forms

Nondiscrimination notification

The Mercer Island School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The Mercer Island School District offers classes in many College and Career Readiness Programs, admission to which is non-discriminatory. Lack of English-language proficiency will not be a barrier to admission and participation in those programs.

The following people have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies:

Harassment, Intimidation and

Bullying (HIB) Coordinator:

Erin Battersby, Senior Director,

(206) 230-6227

Title IX Compliance Coordinator:

Erin Battersby, Senior Director,

(206) 230-6227

Section 504 & ADA Coordinator:

Lindsay Myatich, Director, (206) 236-3326

Civil Rights Compliance Coordinator:

Erin Battersby, Senior Director,

(206) 230-6227

Declaración completa de no discriminación

El Distrito Escolar de Mercer Island no discrimina en los programas o actividades en  base a sexo, raza, credo, religión, color, origen nacional, edad, veterano o estado militar, orientación sexual, expresión o identidad sexual, discapacidad, o el uso de un perro guía entrenado o animal de servicio y proporciona un acceso igualitario a los Boy Scouts y otros grupos de jóvenes designados. El Distrito Escolar de Mercer Island ofrece clases en muchos programas de preparación para la universidad y carreras, la admisión a dichos programas no es discriminatoria. La falta de dominio del idioma Inglés no será un obstáculo para la admisión y participación en esos programas.

Las siguientes personas han sido designadas para atender las consultas relativas a las políticas de no discriminación: 

Coordinador de HIB (El acoso, la intimidación 

y el acoso escolar):

Erin Battersby, Senior Director,

(206) 230-6227

Coordinador del Cumplimiento del Título IX:                                                              

Erin Battersby, Senior Director, (206) 230-6227

Coordinadora de la Sección 504 y ADA:

Lindsay Myatich, Director, (206) 236-3326

Coordinador de Derechos Civiles:

Erin Battersby, Senior Director, (206) 230-6227

Coordinador de Acción Afirmativa:

Erin Battersby, Senior Director, (206) 230-6227


Las quejas relativas a la discriminación en los programas del Distrito pueden ser hechas de acuerdo con el Procedimiento Administrativo del Distrito 3210P.






Erin Battersby, Senior Director,
(206) 230-6227



Erin Battersby, Senior Director,
(206) 230-6227


Lindsay Myatich,  Director, (206) 236-3326 


Erin Battersby, Senior Director,
(206) 230-6227