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David Hoffman

Spring Fair

The Hillside Spring Fair attracted kids like freshly poured sidewalk cement.  Students couldn’t wait to attend my elementary school’s end-of-the-year festival where they celebrated the culmination of another academic year, rejoiced in Omaha’s warm weather, and paraded around with pastry trophies from the cake walk.

During one fine Saturday afternoon each May, students shed their coats and parents. They wandered excitedly through the massive school exploring classrooms that over night had magically been transformed from the mundane into the magical. Each room became a carnival booth operated by a mom or dad who spent the day distributing plastic prizes and marveling at the number of new inches their child’s friends had sprouted over the winter months.  

School rules that mandated that students march in military formation were suspended for the day. Groups of kids moved around like amorphous amoebas, pulled and pushed in this and that direction by the lure of carnival smells and games of chance and skill, all the while avoiding teachers who, despite their weekend weariness, still wore masks of authority.  (Read more) 

Latest Island Park Headlines

  • Back to School Information Now Available

    Important information regarding Back to School events and related information is now posted on the Back to School web page found here. The web page contains calendar lists for each school as well as links to many documents and other information you need to make a smooth start to the new school year.

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  • Have a Wonderful Summer!
        Students will return to school for the 2015-16 school year on Tuesday, September 8, 2015. For more information, please see below. 
    Welcome to New Families- information here
        2015-2016 School Calendar here
        Island Park PTA website here
    Summer Office Hours
    Closed on Fridays
    Open from June 22 - June 30
    Monday -Thursday
    9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.
    (Closed July 1 - August 7)
    Open August 10 - September 4
    Monday -Thursday
    9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. 
    Regular hours resume on the first day of school, September 8, 2015
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Latest District Headlines

  • Mercer Island School District names new elementary school

    The fourth elementary school in the Mercer Island School District has a permanent name. Northwood will be the district’s newest elementary school, a name suggested by Lakeridge Elementary fifth grader Lainie Wion. Read more...
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  • Mercer Island community supports schools with $950,000 donation through Bridge 2015 campaign

    The Mercer Island Schools Foundation (MISF) has raised $950,000 to support Mercer Island public schools through the Bridge 2015 campaign and hopes to reach $1,000,000 by June 30. “More than 55 percent of the Mercer Island School District parent community contributed to Bridge 2015,” said MISF Executive Director Penny Yantis. “These funds are critical to supporting our educational model that is focused on personalization and supplying the necessary coaching, supervision, and professional training, as well as having enough quality teachers to maintain lower class sizes than is funded by the state.” Read more...
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  • Three more Mercer Island public schools earn King County Green Schools recognition

    Three more Mercer Island public schools are adding green to their colors this spring. Mercer Island High School, Islander Middle School, and West Mercer Elementary have earned King County Green Schools Level Three recognition. Now all Mercer Island public schools have achieved this recognition as Lakeridge Elementary and Island Park Elementary earned the status in 2013. Read more...
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About Island Park

Island Park is one of three elementary schools in the Mercer Island School District. It is located in the middle of the island, at 5437 Island Crest Way.

Principal David Hoffman and Associate Principal Kathy Morrison lead a staff of 65 who serve approx. 560 students. We are host of the district's English Language Learners (ELL) program and Personalized Learning Program (PLP) for students with special learning needs. Other special programs include...